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If you are a hard working professional, student, or athlete, you more like than not have come across a time where you needed extra energy. Many of you even need energy on a regular basis. But the options available are just not very good. Energy drinks are unhealthy, cause crashes, and have too much liquid. Energy shots are a little better, but they cost $2.50 each! They might do the trick, but will bust your wallet in the process.

The Everyday Energy Shot powder was born out of a desire to create something truly new and beneficial to people by solving this problem. The people at Everyday Energy got tired of the same old repackaged sameness and dubious macho names. It seemed to them that people were out to just make a quick buck by copying some successful energy drink and try to get people to buy their stuff.

Instead, what they did was obsessively work to create a great tasting energy shot powder product to redefine what is possible with energy drinks. Low in calories lasts for hours, and with an emphasis on mental focus, they created our product with hard working people such as students and professionals in mind. They've even managed to get athletes to convert to our product because they love the mental focus and physical recovery offered by the Everyday Energy Shot.

But what really makes their product special is that it allows people to buy 60 shots at a time, all in one bottle. Not only is each shot - made from one scoop of powder - extremely effective and lasts for hours, it's at least 50% more affordable than other energy drinks and shots. Not having to package and mix each shot individually allows them to offer you unheard of prices without sacrificing any of the effectiveness.

So if you're a hard working, success driven person, try it today. For those of you who need an effective energy boost on a regular basis, there is simply no better choice than Everyday Energy Shots.

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The first energy shot powder product - Delivers powerful energy and mental focus and unheard of prices.


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