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Headache is one of the most frequent of human discomforts. In today’s life headache is a regular feature. Most of the times a headache are more of a nagging nuisance than an indicator of a serious problem. But, in some cases the headache does warrant more serious attention as it can be the indicator of some significant problem.

Tension headache:-

This type of headache usually affects both side of the head, though it may sometimes be pointed to the neck or the front of the head.

A sensation of fullness or lightness in the head is common.
The characteristic feature is that, this is the only type of headache which persists continuously throughout the day and night without any relief in between.

Tension headache may occur under conditions of emotional crises or intense worry.

It is generally, found in patients having associated depression or anxiety.

What are the types of headaches?

There are two types of headaches -

1. Primary headaches - accounts for 90% of all headaches. This is not related to any other disease. There are three types of primary headache -

A. tension headaches - associates with stress, anxiety and depression.

B. cluster headaches - occur daily, over a long period.

C. migraine.

Secondary headache - associated with an underlying condition such as cerebro-vascular disease, head trauma, infection, tumour or some metabolic disorder (such as diabetes, thyroid problem). In these cases, the underlying condition must be diagnosed and treated.

One may also suffer from something called "mixed" headache in which tension headache or secondary headache triggers migraine headaches.

Symptoms of headache -

Signs that indicate the presence of a headache:

1.    A constant dull ache in the head.

2.    Nausea

3.    Difficulty in sleeping

4.    Loss of appetite

5.    Feeling of uneasiness

Preventive measures for a headache -

1.    Exercise moderately but regularly. Avoid exercising in very hot weather.

2.    Reduce stress    

3.    Identify triggering factors such as food, tobacco, alcohol. Foods typically include chocolate, dairy products, and caffeine.

4.    Avoid regular use of pain relievers.

Home Remedies for headaches

1.    Watermelon juice mixed with sugar works well for headaches due to exposure to excessive heat.

2.    Mix ½ tsp of mustard seeds powder and in 3 tsp of water. Put this in the nostrils to cure headache and migraine.

3.    Massage the forehead by rosemary oil. This would provide relief from headache.

4.    For headache caused due to cold, warm water gargling, nasal cleaning with warm water and steam inhalation would be beneficial.

5.    Make a paste using 3-4 cloves. Apply this paste on the forehead. It would provide instant relief from the headache.

6.    Put 2 to 4 drops of cow's butter or ghee in the nostrils for about seven days. This is an effective remedy for headache caused due to sinusitis.

7.    For headaches which are due to liver or stomach problem, hot fomentations over the abdomen region would provide relief.

8.    Prepare a paste using lemon crust and water. Apply this paste all over the forehead. This would provide relief from the headache.

9.    If the headache is because of exposure to cold air, make a paste with the help of 1 tsp each of finely ground cinnamon and water. Apply this paste on the forehead.

10.    Consuming freshly sliced apple each day empty stomach cures all the chronic headaches.


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