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“Memory loss” or “Amnesia” refers to the condition in which there is complete or partial loss of memory. Complete loss of memory is almost unconceivable as without memory, no intellectual functions are possible. There are different degrees and types of amnesia that vary according to age.

Verbal amnesia is one of the most common forms of this disease. The patient usually forgets names or words in this condition. Temporary loss of memory is very uncommon form of amnesia in which a person even forgets his own name, age, family background and any incidents from the past. When amnesia is caused by the weakness of brain, the patient may suffer from noise intolerance, mild headache and low concentration power.

Possible Causes of Memory Loss

The brain needs a sufficient supply of the proper nutrients, such as B vitamins and amino acids, to function properly. If the blood contains high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, there is a reduction in the amount of blood and nutrients reaching the brain.

Over time the brain becomes malnourished affecting our ability to remember and process information. Brain function also depends on an adequate supply of neurotransmitters and related nutrients that help their development. When memory goes blank, the body may be calling out for nutrients that will support the neurotransmitters that are similar to the electrical connections in the brain.

Free radicals from overexposure to toxins, such as alcohol and drugs, may also cause blackouts and memory lapses. Allergies, candidiasis, stress, thyroid disorders, hypoglycemia and diabetes may also contribute to memory loss.

The aging process itself plays a small factor in memory loss; instead it is the occurrence of other illnesses and poor nutrition that deteriorates our memory over time. Arteriosclerosis is a debilitating disorder that may reduce brain nutrition and therefore memory. Alzheimer's Disease is a most debilitating condition that affects some older people and starts with some defects in memory and behavior, yet most memory lapses have nothing to do with this disease.

Possible Symptoms of Memory Loss

Symptoms of memory loss include the inability to remember events in the short or long term, memory loss that gets worse over time, confusion, irritation and difficulty completing tasks.

Home Remedies for Memory Loss

There is no home or herbal remedies for memory loss. But, certainly there are some easy tips that help you prevent and treat memory loss.

1.    Family should provide full support. Reality orientation like providing familiar music, objects or photos will help the patient become oriented. Relearning help may be required in some cases.

2.    Medication schedules if any should be written down. This will avoid dependence on memory.

3.    Extended care facilities like nursing homes are very helpful for people whose basic needs cannot be met in any other way or whose safety or nutrition is in acute danger.

4.    Lower your blood pressure and improve your memory. A dropper full of motherwort tincture (Leonurus cardiaca) daily lowers blood

YOGA for memory loss

Given below are some ‘asanas’. It is advisable to perform these asanas by taking practical help from an expert.

1.    Siddhasana or Swastikasana, Vajrasana

2.    Sarvangasana

3.    Shirsha asana

4.    Pranayama

5.    Meditation on the third eye or on the point between the eyebrows helps to activate the brain and develop memory power.

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