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Ear infection is often caused by water getting trapped in the ear during swimming and diving and whilst I do not advocate 'head banging', a good shake of the head or holding the ear downwards and applying a firm but gentle massage underneath should release it.

Causes of Ear infection

Most ear infections are not a concern for adults but rather children. These infections usually stop by about three years of age but for some children; can go into the older years. The main cause for ear infections in children are brought on by fluid inside the ear. This is common right after a cold or congestion illness. The fluid gets caught up inside the inner ear tube and has no way to get out. Thus, the infection starts. Antibiotic treatment for one week to ten days is always necessary to clear it up. For adults, the infection inside the ear can be caused by water inside the ear. The water from showering or swimming gets trapped inside the ear and created a fungus. The fungus is a nasty infection known as “swimmers ear”.

Symptoms of Ear Infection

1.    Dull continuous pain, or sharp sudden pain in the ear.

2.    The ear when pulled experiences pain.

3.    Profound hearing loss, headache, dizziness and discharge from the ear are serious symptoms.

4.    Affected ears experience a congested feeling.

5.    Young children maybe extremely irritated, tug at their ears and cry continuously.

6.    Temporary loss of hearing or muffled hearing.

7.    In case of bacterial infection there is fever.

Home remedies for Ear Infection (Middle Ear)

1.    Warm compress or heating pad can provide comfort to the ear.

2.    A decongestant can ease Middle Ear pressure and discomfort.

3.    Place your head on a raised pillow while sleeping. This helps drain fluid from middle ear.

4.    Pour a few drops of lukewarm baby oil into the sore ear to provide some relief.

5.    Take a washcloth full of hot water and wring it out. Hold the hot washcloth onto the infected ear until it cools. The moist heat increases the circulation and reduces the swelling and the pain. This will not reduce the infection but will likely provide comfort.

6.    Another way to use the warm oil treatment to relieve the pain from an ear infection is to rub the oil mixture onto the inside and outside of the ear itself and the affected side of the neck.

7.    An even faster way to get rid of pain from an ear infection is to get the oil mixture hot, dip it in a cloth and use the cloth as a compress on the infected ear. Don't make it too hot or you will burn your ear.

8.    For those who seem to get a lot of ear infections, you might be allergic to certain foods such as dairy products, egg whites, wheat, peanuts or soy.

9.    Those who get a lot of ear infections might also have too high of an intake of fatty foods.

10.    Antibiotics prescribed by your health care provider are your best bet at eliminating ear infections. Use home and natural remedies in conjunction with medical treatment from your physician.


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