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Growth is a physical but development is a mental aspect. The slow transition from the playful days of childhood to the crucial period of adolescence and then to the final stage of matured adulthood is marked with the physical growth and the mental development. It is often said that the childhood period is very crucial as the process of character building starts from this period. Character building depends upon the ingredients that they learn from their elders, surroundings and audio as well as visual media. Kids movies, being the prime source of entertainment for them, requires meticulous assessment to decide if they provide enough food for thought to the child brigade.

The kids are more quick to perceive and efficient to preserve the perceptions in their memories. Psychologists are of the view that if the children get used of doing something or watching movies that they should not; eventually it becomes an integral part of their personality. Some scenes such as smoking or drinking on the big screen have a strong impact upon them and may be an impetus for them to get addicted to such sort of bad habits at the very early stage. Unfortunately, not only the adult movies but also the kids movies directors are using such scenes under the pretext of being authentic to the main stories. Whether these movies leave a negative impact upon a kid is greatly dependent upon how he or she perceives it.

Violence in the kids movies is another factor of concern for the guardians. The movie makers are desirous of taking a more realistic approach to movie making and therefore, violence has become an essential ingredient of the kids movies. The imitation of the real life war gets the kids’ eyes riveted to the screen. The use of the modern day war machineries catches their attention. We get to learn the incidents of the major injuries or death of the children while imitating the actions of the heroes on the silver screen. It is the right and ripe time for us to address these serious issues and urge the directors to be careful enough while making the kids movies.

The kids are quite fond of watching the comedy movies or animated pictures or action-packed films. The science fictions also win their hearts. It is the tender age when the worries do not grip their minds and they enjoy the lighter side of the comedy kids movies. Cartoon movies are always favorites with them. The wide use of the animated software in movie making has helped the kids movies reach a new high. With a good storyline, superbly sketched characters in their animated forms have won the young hearts. Most of these animated movies target the kids and such a strategy is rewarded with an overwhelming response. These kids movies often aired on the TV channels or the guardians may buy these movies DVDs from a video parlor too if they wish so.

Any movies for the kids should be watched by the elders. They must evaluate if these movies are worth watching by the kids or not. The good kids movies with their enough creative and comical features grab the attention of elders too. As a wide variety of the kids movies is being pumped out in the market, it has become much easier for the kids to get rid of boredom and enjoy those that are after their liking. They are not only a source of entertainment for the kids but inject the important information and instill the creative ideas into the young minds.

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