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Elite Restoration Painting reigns since 1982 in the field of home renovation. Our working experience prefer clients’ satisfaction. We  are specialist in high quality painting finishes. We can understand that clients expect quality craftsmanship and work, that based on the price of the project. We are the top name in Painting Atlanta as well as Exterior Painting Atlanta. The gorgeous city Atlanta has been flaunting beautiful houses.  Our professional team of house painters Atlanta which provides their exquisite services with their profound skills and attention to the detailing, learned through patience and experience.

It is most important that whom you choose for painting your house.  For residential painting Atlanta we are one of the best Atlanta house painting company. While painting the indoor portion,  our  service professionals give special care to every step minutely. We spent more time in preparing the wall surface smoother along with wood trim to give the proper coatings and overall image being created. We care about not only walls but also ceilings and wall joint, holes where the brush marks and roller naps can be apparent. Our Atlanta house painters  takes some time for proper preparation of the room and the surface that is  to be painted and covering wood floors, carpet, and furniture too. We don't go through the shortcuts.  We also do not skip away the old materials, the service we provide is trying their best to restore the traditional values of the old elements.

In case of Exterior Painting Atlanta, the service follows the process of cleaning the large area first with power sanders which prepares the house for a smooth painting. The windows are then sanded by sanding sponges and abrasive papers which remove the flaking old paints. And the wood is primed with oil based paint to make it smoother. All these procedures help the house to get a soothing look which makes the house painting more prominent and vivid.  Then with two coats of latex-based finish the final touch is completed. Atlanta Residential Painting includes exterior windows renovation and also exterior  materials replacement as the owner of any house would expect to have the ‘it’ look to boast it to the guests.

Atlanta Painting Contractors of Elite Restoration Painting truly increase the expectations of their clients with their superior craftsmanship. One would feel the complete ease, solitude and peace with the whole interior.  Our service tries to remove all the imperfections.  We provide both painting  the residential as well as commercials buildings.

Painting Atlanta holds the name of the Elite Restoration Painting for paying  special attention of  getting a new look for your house.

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John Blaylock is the president of the Elite Restoration Painting. Who gives detailed information to all of his clients. For more detailed information visit us at http://www.eliterestorationpainting.com/. We are the top name in Painting Atlanta as well as Exterior Painting Atlanta.


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