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The Newcastle we are talking about in this article is the city officially known as Newcastle upon Tyne in North East England.  As can be expected from the name, it is located on the River Tyne.

Newcastle is a city composed of extremes in the economic scale. It has areas of affluence and areas of poverty, which characterizes other cities in the United Kingdom.  Thus, jobseekers will find a wide spectrum of jobs in Newcastle from the menial jobs to the high-ranking executive positions.  

And since the city is the commercial, educational and cultural center of North East England, Newcastle jobs are also more abundant in comparison with the smaller cities and towns in the area.  Such is its impact on the national economy that the city contributes more than £13 billion to the to the United Kingdom's Gross Value Added figures.

Retail and Jobs

The retail sector in Newcastle is alive and well.  Its main shopping street is Northumberland Street, which is considered to be one of the most expensive shopping streets in the United Kingdom.  Other retail establishments include stores and shops found in the Eldon Square Shopping Centre, Grainger Street and Gosforth and Byker.  These venues are good sites for jobs in Newcastle although it must be emphasized that competition is as stiff as they come because of the recession.  

Nightlife and Jobs

Despite the absence of the shipbuilding and coal mining industries that the city once had in its glorious past, Newcastle jobs are still relatively plentiful in the city such as in the numerous nightclubs scattered around the area.  In fact, it is one of the best party cities in the world, as ranked by Weissman Travel, which means that jobs can be had in the party scene in various capacities.

Said vibrant party scene is often attributed to the sense of humor and laidback style of the Novocastrians.  But when it comes to jobs, however, the people are all business as these are the lifeblood of their families and of their city.  

Recession and Jobs

Admittedly, the jobs in Newcastle have been adversely affected by the recession.  At just over 5 percent unemployment rate, it is still higher than the national average.  Also, many of the Newcastle jobs pay lower salaries than the rest of England.  

Still, all is not doom and gloom in Newcastle.   Many initiatives are being undertaken to reduce the number of unemployed people with most of them very successful in the achievement of their goals.  Indeed, Newcastle officials and their partners have been active in responding to the threats of the global recession and we may yet to see resurgence in the other economic areas of the city aside from the retail and entertainment sectors.

The best thing about Newcastle jobs is the easy access to them.  Just browse through online sites, newspaper adverts and even company postings to gain new developments.  Soon enough, the city will be able to rebound from the recession to become a major force in commerce and trade in the region and in the country.

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