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Alcohol abuse and its consequences are alarmingly increasing in United States.10% of the accusers are found to be teenagers, if not younger. It is real unfortunate and shameful for a civilized country indeed. Therefore, the legislation authority has posed stringent law against impaired and careless driving. Such laws charge upwards of around $1.7 billion for medical treatment, counseling, lost earnings, casualty, damages or other criminal costs. Such alcohol abuse and consequences has been a rising problem over the past few years and more the state laws are getting stringent more the Phoenix DUI laws are becoming graver.

You might be thinking that you are not drunk even after having a peg or two but with a continued exposure to alcohol or similar other intoxications it becomes hard for a human body to adopt and respond normally. Phoenix DUI lawyers therefore suggest their clients to have a clear notion about their body’s alcohol tolerance capacity. Not only the breathalyzer test that supports your crime but several other disability tests are also performed to the police custody. However, the body’s increased tolerance to intoxication involves a couple of prominent changes like increase in activity of the central nervous system and increase in the levels of liver enzyme that is secreted to break down alcohol. Such bodily adaptation also changes your behavior and temperament significantly.

Alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase are the two main enzymes of liver that work to digest alcohol. Now the prolonged exposure to alcohol increases the level of these two enzymes in your liver. This in turn makes your body efficient to eliminate the high level of alcohol immediately. It may sound good but it also means that you need to consume more alcohol to get the sensation which will prove you overloaded in breathalyzer test. Such bodily adaptation allow a person to work normally even with a higher BAC. But the chemical imbalance makes the person more irritable and reckless than before. Phoenix DUI attorneys can help you challenge your DUI case and the imposed allegation. But as the increased nerve activity contributes to hallucination and convulsion when alcohol is withdrawn, the situation clearly proves alcohol abuse and dependence.

Even the best DUI lawyer of Phoenix can never guarantee your safe escape from the accusation in case you are an alcohol dependant individual. In addition to such grave adaptation, profound alcohol consumption cause some other sort of diverse effect on the body like cell death and hardening of the tissue, brain mass reduction, blood pressure increase, decrease of blood iron and Vitamin B resulting in severe anemia etc. Besides, alcohol abuse causes personal emotional and social problems of various kinds. Often the alcoholic person becomes suicidal due to work pressure and poor employability.

Considering all such worst effects of alcohol abuse, it is advisable to talk to Arizona DUI attorney the very moment you have got arrested in Phoenix DUI case. They can suggest you how to talk to the officials and what exactly to tell them or what not to which will help you to save the case as much as possible.

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