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Self storage is a business, which provides storage facility for all items to individuals and small businesses. It rents out spaces to tenants for the required period of time. It offers an opportunity to store the extra, unwanted and infrequently used things. Getting storage space for a price avoids cluttering of the house or garage.

People opt for self storage due to space constraints and requirements. They utilize this facility while downsizing their business, shifting office to home, expanding office and for various other reasons. It also helps people while relocating, remodeling or reconstructing their homes. Those who marry, separate, or whose children leave home can conveniently reshuffle their homes opting for this service.


The storage operator provides a 24 hour controlled access to the rented spaces also known as storage units, rooms or lockers. A variety of unit sizes is available to customers. They are windowless, walled with corrugated metal and lockable by the renter. The access is through a roll up metal door. Mini storage units are most popular, and are about the size of a large walk-in closet. Presence of security guards, surveillance cameras, individual unit door alarms and electronic gate access ensure security of the units.  They are equipped with biometric thumbprint or hand scanners. The climate controlled self storage guarantees that extreme temperature or humidity does not damage the belongings. Items of wood, iron or any other environmentally vulnerable material are preferably stored here. It is also good for fine furniture, electronics and documents.

Customers are not allowed to store any non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-perishable material in the facility.  Sleeping or living in the room is prohibited. Only insured items can be stored at tenant's risk. The service provider is not liable to any loss or damage unless due to the negligence or breach of duty owed to the client. However, homeowner's insurance or self storage tenant insurance protects the stored possessions. Failure to pay the rent allows a lien on the customer's goods followed by an auction.

Types of Services

The most popular leisurely activity is boating. Keeping a purchased boat at home is bothersome. Boat storage guarantees a safe place and protects the boat from elements of bad weather.

RVs are used occasionally during vacations and camping. Using RV storage avoids the inconvenience of parking it in the regular parking lot. The facility offers detailing, washing, servicing and more. This keeps the RV in a perfect driving condition.

Car storage offers safe storage facilities for any car. The services and care allow the customer to take out the car for a drive any time.

Furniture storage is a convenient choice to store extra furniture, which do not suit the need or season. This avoids disorder in the house.

People hoard lot of clothes, handbags, shoes, household articles, toys, tools, sports equipment and many more over a period of time. With the change in trend, these items often become unwanted and clutter the garage. They also need place to keep their bigger vehicles. Self storage is an answer to all these. Packing material, boxes and locks are also available making storage and moving, easy and hassle-free.

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