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It is mandatory to purchase SR22 insurance policy if you are an owner of a vehicle. This is because it helps you to cover up the damages if you are involved in a car accident. According to laws governing the insurance related to automobiles, it is mandatory to purchase this policy if you want to drive legally. The government has put forward this law to protect those individuals who may get themselves involved in a car accident.

If an individual involved in a vehicle accident does not possess the SR22 insurance then he has to pay personally for the accident damages. Since this often results in paying huge amount of money, there is no certainty that at the time of the accident they will have access to such huge amounts. This is the reason why government has issued these laws. There are many individuals who drive without purchasing the SR22 insurance policy. These individuals are quite safe as long as they are not caught in some traffic violation. If they are caught then they will be heavily penalized and are required to posses this insurance policy.

The SR22 insurance in simple words is the insurance policy which is given to individuals who have previously been arrested of driving without it. The insurance company from whom the individual bought the insurance from is required to show the SR22 form to the respective authorities to verify that the individual posses this insurance policy.

The SR22 insurance is valid for a certain period of time. Once this policy expires, the individuals are required to file for SR26 to certify the lapse. So with the help of these policies the government maintains a kind of surveillance on the citizens who have been previously been charged. Besides this insurance, if you reside in California and own a vehicle then it is a must for you to purchase a California auto insurance policy. Like other insurance policy, this insurance also helps the individual to cover the damages if they are ever involved in an accident due to their own fault. This policy also helps to pay for the medical treatment of the injured party and also to provide compensation for their pain and suffering.

The California auto insurance policy offers various types of coverage. The collision coverage of this policy pays for the repair of your car no matter whose fault resulted in the accident. If you drive an old vehicle then you can think about skipping this policy but if you own a sports car you can save money by increasing your deductible by opting for this policy. The personal injury protection of the California auto insurance pays for you and the passenger's medical bills when involved in an accident. If you already have medical insurance then you can consider omitting to purchase this insurance.

The comprehensive coverage of the California auto insurance helps you to pay for the damages done to your vehicle by anything other than collision. This can include fire, theft, etc. where th damage to the property can be quite severe. Thus the California auto policy is a must have for any individual who owns a car.

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