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Beautiful clothes woven magically transpire from a single thread. It's really amazing that people buy clothes all the time, but never think about how that cloth came into existence. If it weren't for the tiny slender thread clothes would have never come into being. Every piece of clothing is made up of millions of threads woven together. It's really magic.

Threads - Complete Solutions!

Threads are the core content of any cloth. Threads are available in different colors, sizes, designs, quality and texture. They range from the common cotton thread to very expensive silk thread. There are also sparkle threads, metallic threads and even invisible threads available in the market. Threads made out of jute, flax, wool, bamboo and even pineapple (Piña) are used in clothing. Some of them are used in combination with other threads to make the clothes stronger and durable.

Threads are utilized for various creations like clothes, embroidery, and crochet work, knitting, knotting, and quilting and so on. They are used to sew on rhinestones on shoes or a ribbon on a pretty little dress. Getting married and want to get a beautiful wedding gown stitched? Again threads! Need your old furniture refurbished? Again threads! The distinctive cashmere sweaters, the beautiful 6-yard Indian saris, the exquisite Persian carpets are all made from threads.  The thread is even used in certain recipes to sew up a stuffed turkey or a pie. Threads are even important in the field of medicine. Surgeons use a surgical thread called suture to sew up wounds and in surgeries.

To glorify threads further - there is even a fashion magazine in the name of thread.

Whatever may be the field, the use of threads are unquestionable. Life would indeed be very difficult without threads. Imagine a world with no threads - just not possible. Whatever may be the field - fashion, furnishing, culinary or medicine - the thread is an important ingredient.

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