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The great Indian epics’ connotations have been applied to many modern practices. And such is the Indian browser. The epic browser typically Indian, with its make, view and regional diversity promises to be a part of the legendary epic figures (the pluses outwitting minuses) which have made a footnote in the history of mankind. With over a month since its launch, what are the cons and pros of epic browsers?

Let us browse through the features of the browser, which pronounce the Indian make up, and proclaims to create a global impact. In the process of navigation, we will also see how these features delineate as the cons and pros of epic browser.

As an Indian -make browser sporting a logo symbolic of the Indian flag, epic comes with built-in components such as multiple language support, streams of access to the major Indian channel websites, wallpapers, themes and other display features, which celebrate what is essentially Indian. Apart from these, the epic browser is the first of its kind to come up with a built-in anti virus software for your PC files and the downloadable ones as well. So, there is the ever-active fire wall (anti-phishing as well) to ward off the ‘evils’(virus, Trojan horses) of the Internet space, with the epic.

To add weight to the pros in the ‘cons and pros of epic browsers debate, there are (widgets) impregnated into the browser for social networking sites (twitter, facebook, blogger, orkut), and other chat clients, stringing a wide range of services from yahoo and Google as well.

Upholding the ‘unity in diversity’ concept of the Indian set-up, epic browser supports up to 12 Regional Indian languages. The user can write in or view any language using the transliterate tool of Google(to help you with a few foreign languages as well) or the epic’s very own built-in language tool.

The other enticing features include a snippet tool (to take screen shots of your favorite web-pages), timer, a to-do reminder list and games galore, that you would be game for epic browser.

More add-ons include epic –Maps, which is integrated with the Google Maps application, to help you find directions, to any place; access to online booking sites and a job-search utility.

And over and above all, the sensational side-bar of the browser clearly defines the ‘epic’ substance of the software, giving access to everything Indian from news to entertainment.

Epic is an open-source browser with the mozilla firefox backend capabilities and, add-ons applicable to firefox fit in ‘snugly into epic as well.

Just as every package comes with its share of surprises and setbacks, the cons and pros of the epic browsers, has a tilt of a few negatives in the way of ‘full-bodied components in-built with the browser, which makes it a heavy software and time-consuming to start. The side-bar applications have to be kept to a minimum level so that it doesn’t look cluttered, making you browse through a long scroll. The widgets permit only one application per window (no provision of tabs as in the case of firefox), making you fumble while switching between applications.

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