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Two enthusiastic hikers founded a small climbing-equipment retail shop. It develops quickly and to become a famous company on sale professional mountain-climbing and hiking equipments.The name of The North Face comes from that in the North Hemisphere,the north slope is the coldest and is covered the the deepest ice and snow.The side is the most difficult to climb.It implicates the authentic mountain-climbing amateurs,Fearlessness forever and facing the tough stuff head on.

In the year of 1968,The North Face begins to design,produce and sell own brands of out-door equipments.In the late of 80s,The North Face became the only one producer which a range of production includes of a serious of out-door supplies such as coat,snowsuits,knapsack and tent.It is the time of shows extraordinary talents in 90s. The serious of Tekware they promoting opened the the new epoch of outdoor-clothing.The revolutionary materials and designs make TNF become American 5A Grade outdoor exploration appliance company.The serious clothing of Tekware provide all kinds of outdoor exploration amateurs with unprecedented comfortable experience and secure protection.Since then,TNF choose La Sportiva S.r.L to be cooperative partner which the global best climbing shoes manufacturer.And in the year of 1999 began the design and produce of climbing shoes.After 36 years' development,TNF has become the global widely known outdoor brand.She always units with nature environment harsh outdoor exploration.Through continual technological innovation,they design and produce the outdoor equipments which are comfortable and the safety function are getting better,to satisfy various levels. 

The incomes of the residents in Malian Shire is the one of the highest areas   in America. They have time and money to go in for outdoor movements.Go hiking and bicycle are the one of the main exercises.Carrying a backpack to travel is the life way of the young in that time.They are backpacking.They eat whatever foods,hamburger,hot dog,strip bread,Japanese rice roll and India curry rice.They talk about their fond musics.Twenty years old Doug and twenty two years old Thompkins live in Malian Shire.They are good friends.They usually went hiking and went camping together.Doug was fond of climbing and make his own climbing appliance.They want to take a truck to climb the Mount Whitney of the Sierra Nevada.Before the sun set,a cold current flow into compartment.Doug wrapped the battered coat tightly,staring at his shoes.The tread have cracked.Fur has been grinded broken,just as their bag.

This time they choose the peak to climb which is more challenge and difficult.After a long way,the slideway upward is steeper.They are unable to climb upward and the ropes had run out of."Guy,do you think our equipments and devices were not adequate?"Doug said to his friend."Right,you are able to make some climbing equipments,Let's open a store."

The two young man returned to San Francisco and rented a small shop in the center of the city at once.At the back of the shop is the processing workshop.Thompkins was in charge of sales while Doug was dedicated in his machine to produce products. The store was named THE NORTH FACE. In 1968,Doug and Thompkins registered trademark THE NORKA FACE.The first product is SIERRA PARKA.The north face continually challenge for the limitation of technologe.Go pass by strict investigation,design,the progress of production and athletes' testing.They are producing the advance and scientific climbing outdoor appliance.

In 1968,they produce the brand SIERRA PARKA feather clothing which is in favor of climbers.The serious clothing are producing and selling now. In 1975 they produced CAT'S MEOW sleeping bag.Now it becomes the most popular sleeping bag in the world. In the recent decades they have produced many advance products.Such as tents, underskirts,go-anywhere vehicle.The products of THE NORTH FACE are popular with climbing amateurs all over the world.

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