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There is other words, two people are the happy  life. Traveling is free,you can have few illusions and impractical. Travel and tourism, may just order to cater to a mood.there is not so strong sense of purpose.

Every time I travel like a dream, the dream is back, wake up. Pretty Woman said:We all have dreams. Some come true, some don't. But keep on dreaming. interesting in dreams. - all that come true, so to travel on dreaming must keep beautiful.This is the meaning of my trip. I never seriously ask ourselves, what do you want, and I have everything, originally, that allI don't want!

This has been i give the answers to myself, but when I close my eyes to tell the injustice.Surprisingly, no one will clap me and said to me: it doesn't matter, I have!Never thought of it in the world what three words is the most touching things, even think ridiculously that is: I love you.

Until today, I just as well that three words I love you but it is huanwa, because it is not hard to say.Moreover,even from the mouth say I love you, also won't someone easy to believe it.when you need a cozy, need your MR ringt around you need that one listening your weeping, if you said I love you,This probably become a joke, let two people be in the awkward silence, even  continue for a long time.

But if people smile knowingly-and saying to yourself: don't be afraid, I have! you can imagine that how warm?Every shoulder different kinds of confusion, pressure.The feeling can let a person whole relax, can be like a baby is crying out of concern, right?Even if man is strong like hard iron, there will also be down the shoulders.

Besides, we are only actually not so strong. What's more, we are human common.Now, the sentence: don't be afraid, I have! For me, it really is, therefore, I do not expect any more in vain.I choose the days in which followed, do a lonely child with subconscious memory I choose in the next few decades, traveling alone.Someone traveling alone, if the lost in the journey, i am not afraid, because I was I, I am alone!My makeup into the clown, dressed in splendid stories in the clothing, no one knew me walk in the street.

Let passers-by point at doesn't matter whether others luagh me insane.Because I have not people around, because I just one, because I have decided makeup into a clown.n the remaining life, even if someone laughing at me, I also not afraid!Because, I travel alone. I'll forget the memory subconsciousness.

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