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Dallas is a food lover’s town with infinite number of restaurants, even more than that in Newyork. Long ago Dallas got a way to the America’s culinary maps with innovative restaurants and talented chefs mining the flavors of American, Italian, Mexican and even Asian cuisine. Almost all the restaurants in Dallas provide “BOOK A TABLE” facility. Through this, we can search our nearby restaurants and can book the number of seats and even the timings. Another thing about Dallas is that, there are many historical attractions and many other cultural and commercial amenities.

Location based restaurant deals

Just imagine that, we are hungry but we don’t have any idea about the location of the restaurants. The situation is too bad…right? There come the needs of location-based restaurants. Location based restaurants   is directly connected with mobile advertising or campaigning among the people about the location of restaurants and even the special dishes available there. Thus we can very easily find out hotels and can find a solution to our severe hunger.

Location-based deals are the part of advertising which can be done with the help of mobile networks. Some mobile networks provide a large number of deals exclusively for few particular restaurants, even through their own sites.  Now I will tell you an example which I have heard before, a mobile company named Loopt made a deal with one of the sushi restaurant. And the very interesting  thing about their deal is  that, the sushi restaurant people agreed to give any type of rolls for free for the people who are using Loopt mobiles,ie, when the people shows the messages in their mobiles. Just think, how interesting the situation is? Here, the deal features is integrated in the loopt’s applications and in addition to that, the reviews, local contents about the restaurants, bars and events available in the locality to the people. It is one of the easy of advertising.

Restaurant Texts are very much useful in the fields of advertising. Nowadays Many of the restaurants are using “mobile marketing and SMS text messaging softwares” for their publicity. Some of the features of providing restaurant texts are:

1)      Customers can order their food through a sms.

2)      Just do a weekly contest among the mobile users and offer the winner a delicious dinner or lunch.

3)      Restaurants can give an sms for free to the people about the items they are going to serve for lunch, just 30 minutes before the lunch time.

4)      We can send a text message announcing daily specials and wine items etc.

Using this sms package, we can successfully create a deeper relationship with our customers and even we can gain a group of frequent visitors in our restaurant. The very attractive part that is hidden in this texting is that, when a customer gets a free message about  the special dishes in a particular restaurant, then there is a 100% chance of forwarding that message to his friend circle and thus will widens the network.

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