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Dental care is must if you have to overcome these dental problems.  Most of us would have come across toothaches. This can range from bruxism to tooth decay. We will now discuss on the dental problems in brief. Plaque is a dental problem many of them face today and it is one of the worst dental problems. These bacteria destroy the teeth enamel and cause bad breath, cavities, oral infection and gum disease.


1.    Lack of roughage in diet

2.    Inadequate care of the teeth.

3.    Food getting stuck between teeth

4.    Excessive formation of tartar leads to proliferation of bacteria.

5.    Poor digestive system


1.    Toothache

2.    Dental caries

3.    Tooth sensitivity: Experiencing pain or discomfort when in the cold or when eating sweets or ice cream, or when drinking hot or cold drinks

4.    Tooth decay


1.    Regular and proper brushing and flossing.

2.    Gargle with water every time after eating.

3.    Adequate calcium in diet.

4.    Use teeth for chewing food in small pieces rather than just swallowing.

5.    Exercise of gum by chewing.

6.    Regular tongue cleaning.

7.    Extra care of teeth and gums during pregnancy and lactation period.

8.    Clinch the mouth during passing urine and stool.

Natural Home Remedies for Toothache

1.    Clove oil, nutmeg oil and alcohol are some important natural home remedies for Toothache. Application of the remedies helps to relieve the pain.

2.    Applying a mixture of mustard oil and turmeric powder serves as an effective home treatment for tooth pain and infection.

3.    Boil a cup of water mixed with a pinch of salt and five grams of peppermint. Drink this solution to reduce and cure Toothache naturally. Dried peppermint leaves can also be placed on the affected area for about 15 minutes several times in a day to ease Toothache.

4.    Take some asafetida, grind it along with some lemon juice and finally heat it. Soak some cotton in this mixture and place it on the aching area for quick relief from Toothache.

5.    Applying a paste prepared from vinegar and bay berry bark is useful in controlling tooth pain.

6.    Use juice extracted from wheatgrass as a natural mouthwash for avoiding bacterial infections in the mouth that cause a lot of tooth problems, especially Toothaches. Oregano oil also helps fight bacterial growth. It should be applied on the affected area to eliminate Toothache.

7.    Apply some real vanilla extract on the aching area for some time to get rid of Toothache immediately.

8.    Application of ice packs on the cheeks is one of the most popular and equally effective home remedies for toothache. It helps to numb the pain.

Diet for Toothache

While dealing with toothaches, it is very important to include vitamin C rich foods in the diet. It helps to strengthen the teeth and gums. Citrus juices are highly beneficial in this regard, especially lemon juice and orange juice. In the same way, pungent and bitter vegetables help to check bacterial growth in the mouth.

Chewing fresh leaves of spinach helps to strengthen the gums which, in turn helps to prevent Toothache. Similarly, chewing leaves of guava tree is also one of the most effective natural home remedies for Toothache. Onion is also a good natural remedy for such problems. Raw onion can be chewed for about five minutes to kill germs causing tooth decay and other tooth related ailments.

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