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Shirt can be wore between underwear and outwear, and it can be wore only. The western shirts collars are varied. There are narrow notch lapel, middle notch lapel, short point collar, middle point collar, long point collar and spread collar.The quality are mainly depend on materials and processing technic, straight and not wrinkle. The good ideal shirt is light, thin, soft, straight, air permeability. Therefore don't wash the shirts with the 60 grades. The shirts are made of dacron, silk, yam and all kinds of chemical fiber. According to the purpose, there are suits tradition shirt and casual skirts.

The white shirts will not be defeated. No matter what body shape you are, the white shirts are the necessities. It can collocate any color suits. It has the overwhelming victory. The white shirts give people vigour and clean feeling. The officer males all have the blue shirts. If you want to take part in the official meeting, to call on customer or to have an interview, it is important to wear a good quality and generous clipping. The people whose skin are white can wear bright shirts. The people whose skin are black are not fit for wear green or gray, it will show more black and yellow. The fat wearing the small square seems narrow and stickle. The tall and elegant people should not choose the shirts which there are decorating buttons in the collars.

The north face shirt SYNCLINE WOVEN-AP is the new product. In the daybreak you are to go outing, you can wear the shirt. When the sun rise,you can roll up the sleeves to the arm and press the button. At the time you will feel cool. The shirt adopts soft and smooth materials. Loose and comfortable to clip, firm and durability, it is the necessity.The UPF is 30. There is a pocket in front of the bosom. There are snap-fastener to shut up. The foldover sleeves and rows buttons collars. MEN'S TKA 100 TEXTURE MICRO FULL ZIP is another the north face product. It has been improved and it adopts stereoscopic lines polartec classic 100 materials. The touch is soft and the surface textures are unique. The uvioresistant index is 30. Comparing with the tradition TKA 100, the heat retention is higher 7%, the heat preservation is higher 20%, but the weight is light 11%. In any movements, it can provide ventilate and comfortable protection. It is strong quick-drying. It can furthest reduce the heat to be run off and it adopts anti pilling design in the obverse and the reverse. The zippers can be detached. The skirt can be wore with the overcoat. The Napoleonic-style breast pocket and bottom pockets. The north face MEN'S L/S TIDWELL ZIP MOCK is a skirt which possesses movement, light, textural half bulky turtleneck. It has the feature of moisture absorption and anti-sunburn character.

It fits for go hiking and outdoor exercise. It adopts light and textural Tidwell materials. The UV resistance index UPF is 30. The before and middle are seamless zipper. The oxter adopts triangle splicing design, in order to increase the activity flexibility. It adopts flat-seam design. Increase the support and reduce the abrasion. Thermal transfer brand identifing.

To know about the texture of shirt, the way of dressing and how to go with tie are the modern males must master the common sense. The advanced shirt,it fits for important social activities such as banquet ,evening party and celebration. The professinal casual shirt. It fits for going to work, and everyday exercise.The materials and styles trends to comfortable and casual. The relaxation household shirt fits for be at home, taking a walk and strolling out.

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When you are selecting north face jacketes for the particular situation, you may bear in mind the pointers of many listed below.There should be different the north face outlet for the particular situation, so that you'd better pay attention to the pointers listed below. That's very important for you to know all the facts and ensure that things go on without a hitch when you are planning to get married.


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