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You might wonder why you need to understand about the flow of reverse lookup and when exactly do you require a reverse phone service. The answer can be sketched i few lines. If you wish to find out the name and location of a phone owner of a particular phone number, be it mobile or landline and in case if it is not listed in the phone books, you will require a specific reverse phone lookup service just to get the desired result. These types of services function by buying access to phone databases of different mobile operators of various phone companies. By bringing together several sources of information, they offer users with an ability to look through a vast database comprising almost every phone numbers in the country. This particular database comprises of land line numbers, unlisted numbers and mobile phone numbers.

Reverse lookup phone services are under the by terms and conditions set by different phone companies allowing the access of it. Not a single company does offer this service for free due to privacy concern of the number owners. This is the cause why you require a valid credit card or paypal account to do the registration and get the benefit form these services. This ultimately makes sure that they cannot be used for unlawful purposes like stalking. In addition, phone companies bill a hefty amount for accessing their databases, so these kinds of services actually tries to gather some of their spent money from the users in the name of subscription fee.

Wondering whether there any kind of free substitutes to paid phone lookup services?

If you are not in a mood of using paid services, there are a few options that you may choose for yourself. You may search for the phone numbers in phone directories, or can go for using an internet. But, if the number is unlisted, you will find no suitable results. Such information is not publicly viewable. Nevertheless you can always try!

How to use a reverse phone lookup service?

Just enter the phone number which you are looking for into the online form of the website. Most of the services will right away provide the following information free of cost:

  1. Whether the phone number in is of a mobile or that of a land line.
  2. The particular location from where the number is registered.
  3. Any kind of relevant information about this number if available in the database.

To come across the name and detailed address of the phone's owner, you will have to pay for access to the service. As discussed on above points, the registration condition is a way of making sure that the service will not be used unlawfully.

Are in reality the total concepts of reverse phone lookup services legal?

Off course the answer to this question is yes, cell phone lookup services are totally legal and safe. But, you need to keep in mind that you utilize the received information for legalized purposes. Particularly, you are not permitted to take undue advantage of this information for making any kind telemarketing calls or promotion stuffs hampering the privacy of the owner.

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