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Park West Gallery Available to Non-Profit Organizations Free of Charge.

Southfield,   MI - Park West Gallery, located in Southfield, MI, is opening its doors   to any organization looking for a location to host a party, fundraiser,   or other event during the 2010 or 2011 holiday seasons, or any other   time of year. Additionally, the Gallery is always available free of   charge for any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Park West Gallery, with its Greco-Roman inspired architecture, is as beautiful on   the outside as the art it exhibits. Inside, Park West Gallery is home to   more than 20 individual galleries, displaying art created by masters   such as Picasso, Rembrandt, and Chagall as well as renowned contemporary   artists including Yaacov Agam and Linda LeKinff. The galleries vary in   size and can accommodate groups of any number.

"It was such a   pleasure having our annual ALIVE event at Park West Gallery," said Peggy   Burkhard, marketing and PR director for the Donate Life Coalition of   Michigan. "The artwork and elegant surroundings served as an incredible   backdrop for our fundraiser. We saved a significant amount of money by   hosting our event there. The staff was extremely helpful. We would   sincerely not be where we are today without Park West Gallery. We are   extremely grateful."

"As an event planner, I appreciate the   professionalism and dedication that the Park West Gallery team shows to   our organization. We would never be able to have such an elegant event   if Park West Gallery wasn't so generous as to donate the space. The "wow   factor" of holding an event in the Gallery cannot be duplicated in any   other space in the Metro Detroit area, and we certainly see an increase   in ticket sales just because of the location," said Bryn Kerekes, event   consultant for the Open Door charity benefit. "Each year our event   grows, raising more and more funds for the Open Door, and without Park   West Gallery that wouldn't be possible. We will be there for many years   to come."

"Park West Gallery has always been available for   non-profits to use at no cost. With the holidays just around the corner,   I'd like to extend an invitation to these organizations to host their   fundraisers and parties at our gallery this year or any time in the   future," said Albert Scaglione, founder and CEO of Park West Gallery.   "It is another way that Park West Gallery supports those in the   community whose missions are to give back."

Park West Gallery's   generosity to non-profits extends beyond the use of its physical   location at no cost. Its Park West Gallery CARES initiative, through   which the Gallery donates brand new clothing, fine art, and other items   to charitable groups, has been extremely active in the Detroit, MI,   Miami, FL, and other communities nationwide since its inception last   summer. Through Park West Gallery CARES, Park West Gallery has been able   to help countless organizations including the Grace Centers of Hope in   Pontiac, MI, Calvary Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and many more.

About Park West Gallery
Founded   in 1969, Park West Gallery sells works of art through its galleries in   Michigan and Florida, at art auction events across the country, and art   auctions at sea internationally, and has enriched the lives of over 1.3   million customers. For more information, please visit

About Park West CARES
Through this   ongoing initiative, Park West Gallery continuously donates thousands of   items of clothing and art to community organizations in Michigan and   Florida, where Park West Gallery has locations, as well as to   organizations nationwide.

If your organization is interested in   hosting an event at Park West Gallery or in receiving a Park West   Gallery CARES donation, please contact marketing ( @ ) parkwestgallery   dot com. For media inquiries only, please contact media ( @ )   parkwestgallery dot com.


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