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It is the time to declare your business independence with 8A Certification and get the ability to tap into million dollars Federal contracts. Getting Hubzone certification is never a cakewalk though and you need comprehensive knowledge about the program to get qualified. So, let’s take a look at the critical Hub Zone certification rules and requirements that normally keep thousands of application standing among the cast offs. It is essential to learn how to complete the application procedure sensibly without paying someone a fortune to do the job for you.

If you are among the minority group and residing in USA for at least two years, mind the status will count a lot in 8A certification process. So, even being a small business owner now you may think Big and bid for the giant ventures. SBA 8A, SDVOB are the kinds of specialized US Government ventures that make the small disadvantaged veteran owned businesses more organized, enabling them to compete on a large scale as a prime or subcontractors.

How the Federal Government define a small business? The US Federal Government recognizes small business ventures with less than 500 employees and gross revenue of less than $23 million in three consecutive years. Well that is pretty Big consideration for a small business! So you must stay prepared to face the stringent eligibility criteria for Small Business 8A.

Many socially and economically disadvantaged women also apply for SBA programs. It is therefore a challenge to prove your business potential to take up the contracts meeting standard industrial standard and buyer’s expectations. Apart from presenting all the legal documents you need to get registered in five key databases. All the information is available online. There are gamuts of private websites as well that help SBA applicants to know about the detailed legal procedure. So, you need not to worry for the matter of information. Just get online. There is an electronic application form available online. But the thing is, SBA 8A website is too large to find the application quickly. So, it is rather wise to hire a Hubzone Certification consultant for complete and comprehensive guidance. You can also go through the reviews and forums discussing about latest SBA 8A regulations.

The first step towards SBA certification is CCR Registration or the Central Contractor Registration. It takes 24 to 72 hours to get approved. After that, you need to get your business registered in General Login System or GLS. Here the two essential things you have to submit are- your Employment Identification Number and your Social Security Number. Dun And Bradstreet number is another essential requirement for all the federal contracts. You don’t have to pay a penny for these registrations. Sometimes your SBA consultant may ask for a service charge but that has nothing to with the registration process.

After successful completion if these registration formalities the manual screening and reviewing process starts. Here the signature and other data are scrutinized thoroughly with careful concern. Be sure to submit your Signature Authorization card with the 8A certification eligibility address. Now opening your new GLS account you need to enter your application information online. However, don’t get anxious, you don’t have to complete the whole thing in one sitting- take as much time you want and finally save the data before logging out. It normally taken 2 hours to complete; however, depending on the availability of required information it may take longer. So, now you know the overall SBA 8A application procedure, get ready to face it and enjoy the advantages of federal support.

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