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Many years ago, people migrated to America  digging for gold. Nowadays, Over a Century later, the goal is to pursue  a career, some of them working in the shadows, some others raiding the  waves of success, taking off to reach global business destinations.
  This is the story of a man, who left Italy,  his native Country, at a young age to realize a dream, the American  dream, his name is Luca Longobardi. He Earned his diploma in Accounting  & Finance at the ITC Mario Pagano in Naples. Once moved to New York,  joining one of the oldest investment bank in the world, Ladenburg  Thalmann & Co. soon becoming Vice President of the Private Client  Services.
  After a few years successfully spent at the firm in New York, in 1999 with the incoming new millennium, it was time for a new challenge, move to Miami  and found State Capital, a Merchant Bank particularly active in the  Mergers & Acquisitions field, where he is currently serving as  Chairman of the Board.
  In  the last ten years, he managed a team of professionals, composed by  bankers and directors working in the Wealth Management, Corporate  Advisory Service and Raising Funds in Capital Markets.
  Creating  its own space among competitors like Evercore, Grenhill, Moelis &  Co., Estater, N.M. Rotschild & Sons and BTG Pactual. Some of them  are conglomerate at world top level: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and  JP Morgan.
  In some Countries, Brazil in particular, State Capital is an authentic authority.
  In 2006, with the opening of its U.S.  office located in the Financial District of Miami, State Capital plays  an important role for several CrossBorder transactions in the whole  American Continent.
  In  the mean time, the needs of a bigger structure in Brazil to better  serve the growing number of clients, led State Capital to acquire a  boutique investment bank in Sao Paulo, increasing the number of  successful senior bankers who joined the group.
  As you can see, the story of Luca Longobardi proved that America is still able to offer great opportunities especially for people with great minds.

About the Author:

Luca Alessandro Longobardi was born in Italy in 1969. He is a banker and an active investor in Private Equity. In 1999 he founded in Miami, the State Capital, a merchant bank independent leader in its field of which still holding the position of President of the Administrative Board.


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