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Remember the dot-com bubble?
  It  has been ten years now since it began to seriously deflate. The  financial climax had its high water mark on March 10, 2000 when the  NASDAQ peaked at 5132.52
  That  was something dangerously irrational, especially if we compare that all  time record to the 2.000 points average over the last couple of years.
  These  days were unique since was just sufficient to have its name ending with  the suffix ".com" to receive a uncontrolled stream of Capitals from  avid investors on Wall St.
  The  aftermath was, they've all collapsed, due in part to some extreme  manouvres from the Federal Reserve, (6 consecutive cuts of the interest  rates) and in part to the so called "Y2K Millenium Bug".
  Needless to say, technology giants like Google or Apple these days were not even part of the game.
  But not for everyone, at least not for the italian born Venture Capitalist Luca Longobardi, founder of the Miami based Investment Banking State Capital was there and not just randomly.
  His  business vision helped him to stay focused on some of the hottest start  up in both Hi-Tech and Internet arenas. Thanks to that, he built a  strong reputation among the Private Equity and Venture Capital firms in  New York like in London.
  Nowadays,  by establishing his new VC Company called HILLSIDE VENTURES, right a  decade later, he started to develop new ideas, one of these  is, an online dating site, or, a social  network dedicated to the hundreds of thousands pet owners living in  North America entirely FREE but with its revenues generated from future  advertisements or sponsorships contracts. Another brilliant idea is  "New York City Taxi Card", a prepaid card working on the VISA and  Mastercard circuit, thanks to that, tourists visiting the big apple  won't have to use their regular credit card to pay Taxi trips avoiding  all the risk related issue do to unauthorized transactions.

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Seems like these old good days are finally back, and once again Luca Longobardi is there, ready for a new venture.


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