Cloggs Will Be Among The Etailers Celebrating Cyber Monday Successes - Online Article

Cyber Monday is the most important day of online shopping for  the Christmas period. However, reports suggest that next weekend may  see the rise of second Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday, pegged to  have been 29th November seems to have been a fantastic day of trading  for several leading on line retailers. In fact, it is estimated that  around £3,000 a second was spent during the day's flurry of spending.  Visa Europe supported this figure by stating that £265m worth of sales  were generated during the day. saw its traffic  double to almost 50,000 visits a day, which translated into a dramatic  increase in sales. The site also saw an increase in the amount of  customers using smart phones and other hand held devices. This fits in  line with Coremetrics report that 4% of sales that day came from hand  held devices.

Other site across the web experienced massive  increase in traffic. saw traffic increase 30% and the  US Market saw online sales rise to 19% of 2009 figures. However,  several leading etailers such as are arguing that infact it  will be the 6th December which takes the lead as the "Cyber Monday".  Leading on-line media sales site has stated that they expect  to see 1,200 orders taken per minute during the second weekend of Cyber  activity. is one of the etailers expecting to see  a second wave of Cyber activity. "We've experienced a large traffic  increase [on the first Cyber Monday] and our range of products,  especially our FitFlop Boots, have started selling out fast. But our  social media community and historic sales patterns show a second cyber  Monday is certainly on the cards"

The varying opinions between  the etailers will only be resolved when the next possible Cyber Monday  is upon us. However, one thing is clear, more and more people are  turning to the internet to get their Christmas shopping completed.


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