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OK, since you are browsing this Propecia and Proscar article and may be sick of your hair falling, or perhaps even if you have never been concerned with it, you probably have heard about the revolutionary drug Propecia. As you may know, Propecia was approved by the FDA and debuted in pharmacies in 1997 to the relief of males tired of seeing their hair fall out. Since then, countless depressed hair loss sufferers have been saved by Propecia. Unbeknownst to many is that Propecia was already available to men before the 1997 FDA approval. The precise same drug of which Propecia is manufactured, the medication Proscar is also composed. Both Propecia and Proscar are composed of finasteride. Both Propecia and Proscar are produced by Merck and Co in England. The absolute only difference between Propecia and Proscar is dosage. Propecia dosage is 1 mg and Proscar dosage is 5 mg, that is all.

Many bald males are unaware that Propecia was around before 1997 and was called Proscar. Actually, for almost ten years Proscar was available prior to many men having known of Propecia. The fact is, Proscar finasteride 5 mg, was first granted for a condition called BPH. BPH is is benign prostate enlargement. Researchers learned that Proscar could block the hormone DHT from creation in a mans body. DHT is primarily responsible for BPH. What many chemists did not realize at that early time, was that DHT also causes male pattern hair loss. Many consumers that were using Proscar for BPH, were witnessing an amazing side effect of hair ceasing to fall and even growing back where it was previously lost. Proscar showed promise as the elusive first proven oral medication to halt hair loss. Many Proscar tests were conducted and the basic chemical of which Proscar is made up was submitted to the FDA for testing and approval for the treatment of male hair loss.  The manufacturer of Proscar, Merck and Co. discovered that a lower dosage of Proscar was necessary to treat hair loss and registered the name Propecia for this use. After years of testing and study, the FDA finally approved Propecia in 1997. Propecia hit the market by storm and has enjoyed astronomic sales since.

Now you have discovered that Proscar and Propecia are manufactured of the same chemical and produced by the same laboratory. So now you may want to know about any cost differences with Propecia and Proscar. Well, if you were not previously aware of this fact, it may come to save you a lot of money in the future on your Propecia expense. You see, Proscar is priced by Merck at about the same price per pill as Propecia. So initially, you may assume that they both cost the same. Technically this is true, except do not forget about the dosage difference. Remember, Proscar is a 5 mg dose of finasteride and Propecia is a 1 mg dose. In other words, 1 tablet of Proscar has 5 times the active medicationas 1 pill of Propecia. Cost conscience consumers long ago discovered that they could economize up to sixty five percent on daily Propecia treatment by purchasing Proscar pills and cutting them into fourths or fifths. The job can be done by utilizing a tablet splitter which can be purchased on the Internet or at most pharmacies.

Many men suffering from male pattern hair loss are now enjoying the benefits of Propecia at nearly one fifth the cost by buying Proscar and cutting the tablets. Additionally, they can rest assured that they are using the genuine name brand medication made by by Merck and not some junk Propecia generic made by some unknown or sub standard laboratory in the third world. In fact, the cost of a finasteride regiment using Merck Proscar is almost equal to most generic Propecia products. For these reasons and benefits, Proscar should be the clear choice for all men suffering from hair loss.

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