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It is pretty tough for a small business owner to survive the competition with giant industry leaders. But the Small Business Administration or SBA 8A, a special government program has made it possible for the potential business owners to stay competitive availing federal awards and the chances to win prospective contracts. So, what is SBA 8A all about and how you can get the 8A business certification?


The federal government is the largest buyer of quality goods and services in the United States. So you can take the opportunity to do business with federal government by earning the authentication and recognition which is known as the Small Business 8A. Here the end goal of US government is to develop a stronger economy for small business and the nation. Once you qualify the small business 8a certification, it opens a number of ways to walk towards success. All you need to do is to prove your business potential and the social or economical disadvantages you are facing for which you need the grant. So, how to get started?


When the SBA 8A program is offering you a wide range of support including developmental analysis, business management counseling and technical assistance to help grow your business through the acquisition of federal prime contracts, you should get prepared to meet the detailed SBA requirements and eligibility criteria. The 8A certification requirements are stringent, and an applicant has to meet all of them in a perfect manner. Therefore, it is wise to review the federal requirements before getting started with the 8A certification application process. You always don’t have to pay for the tutorials but free guidance for 8A minority is available in many websites. Well, let’s start from basics of small business 8a program.


There re some basic criteria commonly you have to meet to the first place while you are applying for the 8A program. To be eligible for the SBA certification you must have been in to the business for more than two years, demonstrating quality output and standard management principles. Besides, you must also submit a current business plan with prepared financial statements. Here the financial statements should include at least your income tax details, bank statements, balance sheet, authentic income statement and cash flow statement. However, you can submit additional financial documentation as well. These are all to meet your business requirements. So, now we must look at your personal requirements too to complete the 8a certification checklist.


Being the owner of the business process you must have full time involvement and primary focus to its growth and development. Also, you must socially or economically be disadvantaged in order to get the federal SBA 8A grant. You should be an US resident and have no parallel involvement to any other business deals at least at the time of lacing your application. Previous contracting experience with state or federal agencies should also be shown in order to demonstrate your contracting experience.

Now, you must have the ability to utilize the federal support granted in terms of SBA 8A. That is, you should have the potential to grow your business through the acquisition of federal prime contracts. You can always talk to the SBA certification consultants in order build a better idea about the application process and come up with a successful application.

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