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Fantastico can be referred to as a commercial script library that automatically installs web applications onto a website. Fantastic scripts execute from the administration area of the control panel of a website, like cPanel. It is a third party cPanel add-on feature which can be bought and further added to the standard cPanel. Fantastico facilitates quick installation of various open-source scripts from bulletin boards to content management systems, such that when you select a script and provide some basic details about each, you can easily install it within few minutes and the version would be newer.

There are some of the well-known scripts available that can be used for installation of blogs, content management, customer relationships, discussion boards, eCommerce, Image Galleries and Mailing List. For Blogs, you can use scripts like b2Evolution, Nucleus and WordPress. For Content Management, scripts like Drupal, Mambo, php-Nuke and SiteFrame can be used. Scripts such as Crafty Syntax, Help Centre Live, osTicket and Support Logic can be used for Customer Relationships feature, while scripts like Invision Board and SMF can be used for the feature of Discussion Boards. For eCommerce, CubeCart, OS Commerce and ZenCart scripts can be looked for. PHPlist is a powerful mailing list for mailings and attachments. Image Galleries can be best installed with the help of scripts like 4Images Gallery and Coppermine.

If your web hosting company or provider is using cPanel with Fantastico, you would undoubtedly be able to add exclusive features to your website free of cost. All you have to do is install one or more of the scripts and add these features to your site with ease. Even without Fantastico you can add the features, but which will require you to manually install and then configure the scripts by yourself. It is always advised and has become rather imperative to choose a web hosting company that offers Fantastico in its hosting package, for a successful online business.

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