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Biological science has come a long way starting from the evolution theory of Charles Darwin. Though for about a decade biological science had been a mystery. How do we, the human beings, exist was itself a big question. The mystery about birth, growth and extinction has remained for a long time. The study of genes unraveled the long standing mysteries of biology. A separate branch of science called genetic biology started its endeavor in solving the mysteries of life. Charles Darwin showed us the path of evolution, genetics revealed our journey through that path. Gregor Mendel through his observations on inheritance first led our way to genetics. Through genetics there came DNA, the basic unit for inheritance. There are a huge number of studies completed on DNA and still more are in the process.

The full form of DNA is Deoxyribonucleic acid. These are like storage devices present in almost all living organisms which store information on development and functioning. Some viruses are exceptions. You can consider DNA as a blue print, which stores information. Actually, genes are the components of DNA which contain this information. The other components of DNA are for structural purposes and also for directives which regulates other information. The structure is called double helix. You may wonder how this DNA forms. When a male sperm fertilizes an ovum a zygote is formed within the mother’s womb. It contains twenty three chromosomes from father and twenty three from mother. Thus the forty six unique chromosome set comes within a baby. This is why you see some similarities in a baby with its parents.

Let us see how this DNA testing helps us modern days. Suppose there raises a controversy with the fatherhood of a child. Then the DNA testing result can give you a 99.9% authentic proof as to who the father of the child is. DNA testing is also known as DNA fingerprinting. In cases where a man denies the fatherhood of a child, DNA paternity test serves as the best proof. Other cases have been found where a person claimed a property with a clause that he is the legal heir of the deceased person who owned the property. Science has developed new technologies through decades. Nowadays DNA paternity test can be done for a person after his death if a hair string or a finger nail is available. This is because DNA does not get decomposed quickly.

Hence in these cases DNA paternity test can give correct results and the only result, as the person who could deny or accept the fact is already dead.

You see the why DNA paternity test is accepted worldwide as an authentic legal proof of a biological relationship. Biological science has developed and helped in solving so many civil and criminal cases all over the world with the help of the DNA paternity test and till now it is accepted as the best proof of any biological relationship unless the ever evolving biological science comes up with something that is 100% accurate and even more fascinating than a DNA.

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