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PHP, a known acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a very popular general purpose tool or a computer programming language precisely, designed for use in web development applications and in creation of dynamic web pages. It is majorly used in server applications for designing web pages. The ease and flexibility of its usage has made it a popular mechanism today amongst various web masters and web sites. To use PHP on your website, you must ensure that your web hosting package offers this feature too. Check for the version of the PHP script you are using, so that compatible versions can be looked for, if required.

You will find a number of PHP web hosting companies in the market today, making it a very fierce competition and difficult to decide which company to go with. Three key factors should be considered before deciding on a PHP web host for your website. Firstly, the services offered by the company should include enough bandwidth to meet your site needs. Secondly, there should be ample disk space available to accommodate your existing needs as well as your potential needs in the future, when required. Thirdly, you must only opt for the PHP web hosting package that offers sufficient databases for your website needs.

Besides, you should be aware that the web hosting companies usually offer more than a single version of PHP such that you do not have to face any compatibility issues and can simply switch versions as per your website suitability. Otherwise, you may have to change a few scripts that might have been created for your existing (or older) version of PHP in order to work with the newer version.

In addition, while you work with PHP, you must always keep the PHP modules handy into account. Thus it is advised to enquire the web hosting service you intend to use, for the modules that would need to be installed, before you commit money for the services.

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