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Multimedia mainly consists of video, audio, animation and interactive games. Earlier, the Internet used to be strictly text-based, but today the Web is home to both text and multimedia. Many web masters prefer a flashy website with full of multimedia, but this is not favourable always. Covering your entire website with Multimedia would though make it quite appealing and eye-catching to the visitor, but would also appear cluttered and takes much below average loading time that can irritate the visitors.

Effectively placed games, videos and animation on a website offers a better view to a layman. If you are able to convey your message in a short video, it can definitely entice your audience to stay longer on your site. Facebook, for instance, earlier was limited to texts and pictures have expanded lately with more multimedia like videos and interactive games.

Multimedia can be extremely accommodating to convey information about your product or service, or maybe a social cause. To sell music, you can use the multimedia of MP3 or MP4 sample files or music videos to compel its listeners to buy the product. Multimedia also helps in brand awareness and creating a large customer base for your product.

There are also options for having a simplest website with only text and small pictures. Besides, users with dial-up or basic digital internet connection cannot view your websites for long and would be inundated by more of animation and videos only. For the fastest website load-up, multimedia is not advisable. If your site is comprised of older demographic, you must only use more of text and less of videos. Your bandwidth of the website also plays a key here; the one allocated to your site can be limited due to server issues of huge web traffic. Quality also becomes a setback when your visitors do not have latest plug-ins for programs such as Quicktime Player and Flash. So, you must only have a limited usage of multimedia on your website.

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