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Kayak Fishing - For Fun And Fitness

Kayak fishing is a great rage nowadays. So if you have not yet given it a try why not hop in, because kayak fishing without doubt is one of the most enjoyable water sports in the around. It is fun to learn a new fad so if you decide to get going with kayaking here are some useful tips for you to get started.

*As with all sports, you need the right gear to start lake fishing. To start with, you do not need a lot of equipment for kayaking. All you need is a kayak, paddle, and life jacket. You must remember however that there are kayaks of different types. A kayak used in rocky rivers is called a creek boat while that used for surfing is called play boat. Traditional river kayaks are stable so they are good for beginners.
*It is a good idea to begin learning kayak fishing with a used kayak. A used kayak costs considerably less than a new one. You can get a used one in good shape if you look around. Also important to deal with your local shop as they can best advise you on what is needed. Search for one in the classifieds and in online auctions. Be sure to check on the size and shape of the kayak. It should suit your height, torso size and paddling style. A paddle made of aluminum shaft is best suited for a beginner. You can choose paddles made of wood, fiberglass or carbon fiber later when you become familiar with kayaking.

*You must have a life jacket, also called personal flotation devices (PFD). This is required by law. Choose a life jacket rated for the type of kayaking you intend to do.

Kayaking has evolved rapidly. Today you have radical kayak designs that feature shorter lengths, something revolutionary for novice paddlers.

Kayaking Improves Physical Fitness

Kayaking is great for upper body muscles that include back, arms and stomach. It is a splendid sport to build stamina and endurance. Water sports including swimming are on top of the list of physical trainers as a fitness improving activity.

Learning kayak fishing is indeed fun, but if you know someone who is already an expert, nothing likes it. An experienced person will make a whale of a difference to a beginner. First time around it helps if a professional or an experienced person teaches a thing or two about safety. There is no substitute for safety. Get on your own once you feel safe and confident to go fishing without any assistance. Kayak fishing is cheap compared to other forms of angling. Why not give this fun sport a start?

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