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Today, there is a number of free website hosting packages available to host personal as well as small business sites but which run on slow shared servers and do not offer much PHP support, and the ones offering PHP support are less reliable with minimal database features. It is always advised to look for real commercial website hosting packages that offer PHP support.

PHP with MySQL creates a dynamic website, and being open source scripting languages does not carry any licensing issues. Since PHP can easily be integrated with HTML, you can apply HTML content to your PHP content conveniently. Many hosts also offer this feature in their cheap packages. However, reliability and features would still vary. Some pointers to help you out in finding the best PHP website hosting package are explained below.

Check out the websites offering popular hosting packages with competitive pricing for their databases support, disk space and bandwidth. Blogs relying only on text and images would not require much disk space. Large businesses with online shopping portals and graphics rely heavily on HD video or Flash, for which you would need more disk space than the provided gigabyte range. With the cost per gigabyte being quite low today, many PHP website hosting providers offer more than available disk space for loads of content to fit in. Besides, bandwidth is equally important a factor, to accommodate thousands of visitors to your site every day. Look for the one offering at least 10 gigabytes of bandwidth for your website so that you don’t lose out on potential customers in case you exceed your monthly bandwidth limits. Last but not the least; check out the extra features being offered in the package, for instance, a website builder, extra email addresses, support for mailing lists or support for SSL certificates for authentication.

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