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The commercial truck insurance attracts greater rate of insurance because of several reasons. One of them is that the commercial trucks are much bigger than that of the usual sedans. Therefore, in case of accidents, if a car collides with a truck, it poses a bigger danger as that could prove fatal to the car passengers. If the commercial trucks carry cargos, it creates even greater risks. Therefore the commercial trucking insurance is much higher than the ordinary auto insurance premiums. Here are some factors that a commercial truck owner must know which determines the premium rate on the commercial trucking insurance:

  Insurers usually check the general safety first. If the truck is in good condition and is maintained well, then the insurance premium will be lower. For example:

  - The reflectors and the lights must be properly visible. The cargo should not obstruct the lights in any case. Red is the color of the tail lights and it is the standard.

- Both the turn signals should be in perfect working conditions.

- The trucks should also have retro reflective sheeting to alert the oncoming traffic of the vehicle. 

- The truck should also have fog lamps which should be used with the headlights.

- The truck must have a sealed compartment for the storage purpose. It must be secured too.

- The wirings within the truck should not be faulty.

- The tyres and the brakes must be in good condition.

  The commercial trucks must pass all the above mentioned safety features so as to get good discount on the premium.

  Although the commercial trucking insurance is pretty high, there are options to get a lower rate. Look at all the offers that are available to you. Surf the Internet or get in touch with an independent agent and get hold of a good commercial trucking insurance quote. 

  Then the auto insurance also varies due to the DUI conviction. There are some major reasons why the insurance premiums for auto insurance dui are greater:

  There are penalties that impact the premium rates. The DUI drivers are also covered with insurance. The requirements are decided by the law of state. Usually a DUI conviction does not cause any non-renewal. Most of the companies extend a discount on the insurance rate before the renewal date. But many others check out the guidelines of underwriting along with the rating of tyres.

  There are several factors all together which determines the rate of premium for a commercial trucking insurance. The better you are able to shop around, the better are your chances in finding out just how much the rate of the insurance can be lowered, whether there are chances of good discount or not etc.

  Since you know the differences now, it will certainly be easier to build new strategies to negate the impact of an increased rate. However, there are some companies that comply with the DUI policies and therefore do not discourage the applicants of DUI.

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