Fuel And Thermodynamic Cycles - Online Test

Test Difficulty Level: Medium

Syllabus of Test

Mechanical: Thermodynamic Cycles and questions on fuels.

Sample Question from this online test:

Question: Bomb calorimeter is an example of -

Option A: open system

Option B: closed system

Option C: steady flow system

Option D: None of the above

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pankaj kumar on 2011-08-18 14:14:52 wrote,

some of the questions have wrong answer....

ajay kumar on 2012-04-13 07:12:46 wrote,

petrol engine works on constant volume its sure pakka.who prepared the key waste fellows

NEELAM NATH on 2012-08-28 11:07:51 wrote,

4-5 answers are wrong.....kindly change it...

Kishor Hole on 2012-08-28 17:31:36 wrote,

many ans r wrong in this test. so plz correct it as soon as possible so as to avoid any inconvinience.

Thank You

tharik azees on 2012-11-18 13:23:31 wrote,

many wrong answers

sujay bhaware on 2013-01-03 10:25:15 wrote,

many wrong answers in this test...

PARTHIBAN B on 2013-01-06 16:10:42 wrote,


chandan kumar mishra on 2013-06-28 08:24:40 wrote,

yes some answer are wrong

Avadhoot Dalavi on 2013-09-20 06:45:25 wrote,

some questions have wrong answers