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Welcome to the world of idlmotors. At idlmotors, we are offering here some amazing master piece of technologies like toy trains, collectible moving toy trains and Christmas gifts. toy trains are really popular among kids. It is a unique piece that must enhance your room’s beauty and aesthetic sense. We have the huge collections of collectible toy trains here. We founded in 1951, our inception was as a Industrial Design Labs, specialized in manufacturing air filtration systems used for defense against nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. Later, in the 90’, IDL Motors engineers incorporated many unique designs of very thin and ultra thin motors to work alongside the radial. Today, all our company products are innovative and rare to get outside, small in size and much more higher in performance than their predecessors. Our respected customers includes, Miniature Corner Inc, Magnetrack, Rotys, Inc, Advanced Digital Logic Inc., Muller Martini MFG. Corp and so on. We have accumulated decades of experience with Linear and Radial Drive configurations and designs featuring low-noise, ultra-high reliability and outstanding performance. If you really interested in model trains and want it to be used as a decorating element for your house then you have understand first the process of how to choose model scale trains. Whenever you see a Moving toy trains is taking round and round on a table at your entertainment place, you along with your children feel the joyous moment of that wonderful sight same goes for collectible moving toy trains.

Our respected company launched the breakthrough linear propulsion systems that propel mini motion trains, racing cars and any other small objects along a thin track. We are accustomed to take extra ordinary challenges. IDL technologies solve critical problems in many market segments for radial and linear drives like embedded computing; computing industry, particularly 1U servers, where the demand for computing power is ever-increasing driving cooling demands beyond manageable; HVAC and industrial ventilation; defense and aerospace; automotive industry and so on and so forth. We can also transfer licensed production to our customers.

In the future, using experience in the area of electric motors, conglomerated in a variety of different applications, the company will continue the path breaking and momentous enhancement of thermal management solutions for an array of markets and market demands. Our products include high performance 9” DIA axis flow fan, cross flow integrated motor blower, thermal transfer module, and ultra thin integrated motor cooler, ultra thin radial drives, bullet train& cars, Christmas set with nano express train, nano mountain transport, parts for hobby products, parts nano kit and so on.

Our very recent addition is multi feature Christmas tree, which are beautiful and divine. Do visit us and pick your order, as Christmas is knocking at the door, order your Christmas gift and Christmas tree from our wide range of variety and give us the privilege to serve you better.

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