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Americor Electronics Ltd is the ultimate name in OEM industry, ruling for more than three years. We are the best name of Power Cords Suppliers also we are Electronic Supplier CA as well as we do Electrical Supplies CA. we are committed to good quality and we respect our customers time and money that’s why we always make it sure to provide only quality products with customer service with each of our purchase of product. Our great services are Stocking and Kanban as well as Consignment programs and so on. We are the best supplier of the Appliance Manufacturers, Electric as well as Electronic Industries. Americor Electronics Ltd was founded in the year 1988 and since then we are a trusted name in the field of house capabilities which includes Custom Cable and Wire Harness Assembly, Value Added Service and so on and so forth. Tom Pross is the president who has twenty two years of experience and these experiences in the field of production of Power Cords and Cable, Wire Harnesses and other Electric and Electronic components helps our company to deliver outstanding performances around the globe. We are Power Cords Suppliers USA as well as Power Cable Suppliers CA. Buy sell Power Cords Cable from us as we are the best provider of this service in this industry.

We are also a Electric and Electronic goods Suppliers around the globe. We provide many good and useful products which are power cords that includes domestic power cords, hospital grade power cords, high amperage plugs and sockets, twist locks, IEC320 hooded male-female power cords, British power cords, Danish power cords as well as Italian power cords and central European power cords. Our power cords include Swiss power cords, Argentina power cords, Australian power cords, Chinese power cords, Japanese power cords, Korean power cords, south Indian and Indian power cords, Israel power cords as well as technical information. Our power supplely ranging from switching power supplies and wall transformers and adapters AC to AC and AC to DC also EMI filters and power transformer.

We are the best provider of relays like signal relays, miniature relays and automotive relays as well as power relays also last but not the least sockets. We even manufacture best quality of terminal blocks as well as strips like connection systems AC 166G and classic and low voltage connection system 162 as well as luminaries connector systems, terminal strips with screw connection, fused connectors and fuse terminal blocks, transformer connectors, card edge connectors, headers and so on. We also offer solenoids as well as fans. Solenoids include open frame solenoid, flapper solenoid, tubular solenoids as well as valve solenoids and special solenoids. Our variety of fans includes from axial fans DC and blowers DC as well as axial fans AV. We have customer representative at Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, new jerky as well as New Mexico and so on. We are the best Power Cords Suppliers around the globe. We connect the entire world with our very innovative products. Contact us for various services and products, let us help everyone and serve all better.

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We are the best Power Cords Suppliers as well as Electronic Supplier CA and also we offer Electrical Supplies CA .


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