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Columbus bankruptcy attorney M. Sean Cydrus has one thought in mind when the majority of his clients first visit. "I wish they had come in sooner," he says. "So often, they've struggled for months or even years with debt, and it's cost them a lot more money than it needed to."

Extended unemployment or underemployment can leave a lasting mark on a worker's financial well-being. And while extensions in unemployment and relief from foreclosure activity keep individuals hopeful for financial redemption, in many cases they're not looking at all of their options for protecting the assets that they have.

"People get a part-time job, a tax refund, or an extension of their unemployment and they're temporarily relieved. But they may not be really looking at the numbers to see if it's feasible that they'll ever repay their debt."

Cydrus cites this as a primary reason for delaying consulting with a bankruptcy attorney for legal advice. In the meantime, they can lose the opportunity to stop wage garnishment or avoid foreclosure and other creditor actions can cost them thousands of dollars. He recommends a more strategic, holistic approach. By looking first at ways to eliminate debt, consumers can greatly reduce their stress levels and save money in the long run.

He is quick to warn that bankruptcy isn't for everyone, and that only a qualified attorney can advise any individual if and when they should file for bankruptcy. "Most people start off embarrassed or afraid to have the discussion, and end up grateful for their fresh start."

In fact, people who are embarrassed about their financial situation often have no reason to be. Millions of people file bankruptcy each year, most often after divorce, job loss or a medical issue.

It's for this reason that many attorneys offer free consultations. "People have questions, and want a qualified answer. If people know they can reach out to an attorney to learn more about their options, they're much more comfortable with their situation," Cydrus says.

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