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In this article we will discuss about the pros and cons of Windows web hosting. There are various pros of using Windows web hosting and these are:

The framework of .Net: Windows web hosting is the best choice for you if your website is based on .Net or on Visual Basic. Unix hosting is unable to help you in dealing with the websites based on these languages and therefore only Windows can rescue you.

Usage of Microsoft Front Page: With the Windows web hosting platform you would have the advantage of getting the help of Microsoft Front Page which is a web design tool. With this you can design your website easily and also do not have to worry whether you server will support the file extensions.

User friendly: It is a good idea to use Windows web hosting if you are comfortable with the Windows operating system. You do not have to learn a new programming language which is an added advantage.

Support for .ASP and having database driven website: If you have plans for using .ASP in your website or if you want to have a website that is dynamically database driven, then no other hosting can beat Windows. Also with a Windows web hosting you website can collect data from an Access database too since there is no compatibility problems.

However, with so much advantages, there are some disadvantages too that come with the Windows web hosting. The cons are:

The problem of instability: This is the main con of a server using the Windows platform. You can have the problems of downtime as well as the problem of server.

Slow server issue: You would often find that Windows servers are much slower than the UNIX servers. If you want your website to run quickly then it is better that you shift to an UNIX server.

Requirement of more system resource: Another bugging issue is that Windows servers use more resources than those of UNIX servers. This means using up of disk space, RAM and bandwidth.

Often rebooting: A Windows server needs rebooting time and again, which a UNIX server does not, and therefore, creates downtime problems for your website.

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