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With the growth in the web business, you would also find growth in the demand for good hosting companies. Shared hosting is one of the most popular web hosting available in the market. However, like all types of hosting shared hosting also has got its pros and cons.

The first point that goes in favor of shared hosting is that the price of shared hosting is much lower than dedicated server hosting and this is because here only a little portion of the server is used. Thus if you want to spend less money while starting your web business, then go for shared hosting service.

Another excellent point that is advantageous for shared hosting is the excellent technical support. It is one of the basic foundations for the shared hosting companies and all the companies using shared hosting guarantee their customers superb customer support.

Another positive aspect of shared hosting is that it comes loaded with features like PHP assistance and multiple e-mail. Also you do not need to know the server and hosting management if you choose this kind of hosting.

Along with pros there are cons of shared hosting too. One of the biggest drawbacks of shared hosting is that the level of security is not at all very high. This is because you have to share the web space with various types of websites and your neighbor can be a hacking site.

Another problem of shared hosting is there are limited resources. This is also a result of you using the server space with other users which would lead to restrictions in service. If the site has lots of traffic then it would inevitably be harmful to your site.

In shared hosting you would also face the problem of not getting the permission of installing programs. This happens because the server is maintained by another company. You are not allowed or given the authority to download or run any program that you want to have in your server. However, you can find these programs easily in any of your neighbor website.

Still despite the problems shared hosting is the most preferred type of hosting among the website owners.

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