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<p>Having a website of your own has become a latest crush and yet the most wanting goal of everybody today with only low-level designing skills and nominal budgets. The ongoing advancement in the web hosting industry and the immense features being provided by different web hosting providers or companies, has given further boost to the owning of a website by business owners.<p>You don’t have to worry about the management of technicalities involved in the creation of a website, if you are naïve at it. A good web hosting cPanel or control panel offers quality results. It is the most widely used option by many web hosting providers these days.<p>Yes, cPanel refers to a web-based application that facilitates the control of all various aspects within your website. Today, it has become a standard for many for its ease of use and functions. It is highly compatible with various Unix-like platforms and web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The exclusive features provided by cPanel offers its users an amazing experience of online business. These are given below.<p>Storage or Backup Facility – At times when we are so much involved into the promotion of business, we overlook major critical aspects, such as backup of key files and folders. cPanel enables you to store the backups of files containing images and text from your website that can be recovered quickly at the time of unforeseen events.<p>Management of Email Accounts – cPanel allows you to assign domains to your multiple accounts with clients and also establish auto-replies for enhanced customer service. It also has a spam filter to segregate unsolicited mails from your inbox to a separate folder.<p>Web Statistics – Within cPanel, you have a very useful tool called Webalizer, which allows you to have a constant monitoring of your website and be aware of the traffic on your website on daily basis and make adjustments thereon, and the duration of footfalls on your website<p>Multiple Domains – Many web hosting providers offer a feature of creating multiple domains that can be managed from a single interface – cPanel, which would then indivudlally manage each of your services with separate domain names of them all.<p>Fantastico – cPanel also offers a great, dynamic utility feature, known as Fantastico. It serves as an installer allowing you to execute different programs including WordPress blogging software and other content management systems such as Joomla and Mambo that further enhances the operation of your website.</p>

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