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ERP systems integrate and automate all the business process in order to make the activity of a company more efficient and more lucrative, using ERP software, which are basically multi-module applications. There are a lot of ERP vendors on the market and choosing one is not a simple decision at all. Before choosing an ERP vendor, the company must clearly identify its needs and this requires a complete analysis of the business processes. Current processes need to be taken into consideration and objectives must be established in what concerns their integration. The best ERP vendors are those providing what the company needs.

SAP and Oracle Corporation are among the most well-known ERP vendors in the market. They are renowned for offering qualitative products, but they are not the only players in this field. Microsoft has also developed AX and NAV, the last one being considered one of the best solutions for SMEs in what concerns the cost-benefits report. Other important vendors are The Sage Group, Epicor, Infor Global Solutions, Ramco Systems, QAD, ESS and Godrej.

Although at a first glance it might seem that they are all offering similar products, things are a lot different. Each ERP vendors provides different facilities and ERP software comes with different modules and different features, depending on the company that is producing it. Implementing an ERP system is highly beneficial for a company, but if that company chooses a product that is not appropriate for its needs, the results might not be the expected ones. Before choosing an ERP software vendor, it is recommended for the management of the company to make a study and to determine exactly that requirements they have from ERP software. Once they know exactly what they need, they can narrow down the list of ERP software vendors. It is also important to contact the vendors in person in order to see what they have to offer and to also discuss the implementation and customer service related aspects.

Checking the ERP vendors' background, experience, level of expertise and credibility on the market is also a wise move. It is not difficult to find testimonials for previous customers. The longevity of the vendor on the market is very important because such products usually require efficient customer service and if the vendor is going to stop producing them, the company might not receive proper service. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the best vendor on the market is not always the best option, if it is not offering you what you need for the company. The best ERP vendor is always the one that provides the best solution for your particular case.

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