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<p>If you are facing the problem of downtime with your web host server then try out the various options available for minimizing the downtime in the web host server. <br><br>Always host your company website in a different host from your client’s site: Always host your website in a different server from your client’s site. This is important, so that your client can access your website when his site is down. Therefore, you should not only host your site in a different server but also in a different datacenter so that it does not face the downtime problem with your client’s website<p>Monitoring service: Have a monitoring service for checking the websites at regular intervals. This will help you know whenever there is a problem and would help you rectify the same immediately. Also provide the status report and email the clients of the problems.<p>Know the problems: It is important that you have technical expert team so that you can immediately rectify the problems that have caused the downtime in web host. Also confirm immediately that whether your technical team is immediately taking care of the problem so that the downtime is minimized.<p>Keep the server equipment in proper area: It is important that the server equipment is kept in a place where adequate space is available for all the cables so that no one touches the cable while moving. Also there should be proper ventilation for the server and the other equipment.<br><br>Installing another PC: It is important that there is another PC installed near the server. This is needed to manage both the server and the PC well. This PC can be used to do any project for research or any workstation functions. It will also keep you away from doing any work on the server.<br><br>Have server maintenance time schedule: It is important that you have the server maintenance time schedules so that you can have a method in place for making any change, or replacement or a planned downtime. It will help your clients to know what benefits are there in your network and when the downtime will happen.</p>

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