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A wedding anniversary is a day to celebrate love and togetherness. It is probably the only occasion that becomes more and more special with each passing year. The first wedding anniversary is special in its own way and so is the fiftieth one. As time passes, a marriage becomes more than just a marital bond, it becomes companionship. A complete stranger becomes an inseparable part of your life. To celebrate this one together day with your special man or woman, to make the day unique and to surprise your beloved companion, it is advised that you plan ahead.


There are certain wedding anniversary ideas with which you can start thinking. The very first thing being as to how you want to spend the big day. Just the two of you reminiscing the years or the year gone by or celebrate with friends and family by throwing a party and showing everyone your love. If you plan to spend alone, just the two of you, the best wedding anniversary idea is to go on a second honeymoon. There are tour and travel companies that offer ‘ala carte’ tour options i.e. you give your own holiday plans and they will execute it. It can be a very good personalized gift for your companion too.


If you choose the second option, that is to throw a huge party celebrating your togetherness than do start as early as at least three months before the D day. A unique wedding anniversary idea for a party would be to have a theme. You can have the theme of red and white or just love. Plan some personalized gifts for your husband or wife too. Here are some wedding anniversary ideas for personalized gifts to help you make your man or woman feel special on your anniversary:

You can gift a CD with all his or her favorite songs or better still with the songs that have some memories for both of you.

Make wallpaper with your best wedding day photo and have it pasted to your bedroom wall before he or she wakes up on your anniversary day and see the look of surprise on their faces when they see it.

Buy a gold chain with a heart locket that opens and have both of your photos pasted on either side. It is a traditional way of showing how much you love your companion and that you promise to be there always.


There are a numerous options and ideas for personalized gifts. You would just have to give a little time in thinking and executing your plan. You can make something for yourself and that will be the best wedding anniversary idea for a gift as there is nothing more that you can give as a gift than your valuable time and effort to show how much you love and care for someone. What ever you do, make sure you let the person know somehow that you are lucky to have them in your life, you are the happiest with them around and that you will be together for ever.

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