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An RVSkin refers to an advanced skin management application generated for servers with multiple themes and languages that further runs the cPanel program. RVSkin assists in differentiating hosting services, such that you would also not require much support with the help of this piece of software, and hence, you end up saving operational expenses. The new version of RVSkin today comprise related subjects  during a search such as auto detection of screen resolution, sub menus, hide menu option and the ability to disable the primary FTP access.

Besides, RVSkin can be very easily installed onto the cPanel or Control Panel Server in just three steps, (1) SSH to the registered server, (2) Set global configurations and (3) Change cPanel to RVSkin themes.

Yes, the first most important step for the installation of RVSkin to cPanel is that you must SSH to the registered server once you purchase the license of the RVSkin. Then wait for sometime while the RVSkin is installed fully and displays you a prompt for further action. Once the installation is made, an RVAdmin account will automatically get created that can be used in sync with the configuration manager later when required.

The second step asks you to set the global configuration, tweak setting, default language, top links, body links, reseller control, tutorial links, help and a default features list for users and resellers to use. Once the settings are done, make sure you test them all from two separate hosting accounts to ascertain consistency.

The last and foremost step is to change the cPanel with RVSkin themes, such as changing the default theme to another RVSkin theme and setting it in a default mode for all hosting accounts. There are many RVSkin themes with all rainbow colours to choose from, such as rvgreen, rvteal, rvblue, rvolive, etc.

In addition, RVSkin also allows you to convert the default language or the reseller’s language to a new language. This becomes apparently important for accounts from various other countries, where people don’t speak English. Many web hosting providers offering cPanel as their control panel also use RVSkin as an add-on tool that can be regularly updated with new innovative features. While you use RVSkin, you must check for updates frequently.

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