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Bar Mitzvah in Israel celebrations is very important part of their religion and spiritual celebrations. The bar mitzvah is the part of the festival of Jewish people in Israel. The meaning of bar in bar mitzvah is “son” in Aramaic and mitzvah means “commandment” so it is translated as “son of commandment”. There are two reasons of celebration of bar mitzvah in Israel. First, when a boy becomes a “bar mitzvah” means when he becomes 13 years old and is known by Jewish tradition as having some rights of full grown man. A bar mitzvah (a boy) is morally and ethically responsible for his decisions and action. Secondly, the bar mitzvah term is refers to a religious ceremony when a 13 years boy becomes bar mitzvah. The Jewish people celebrate this ceremony by arranging a party and that party is also called as a bar mitzvah. The party of celebrating a bar mitzvah is not a compulsory as it depends on the movement of particular family of Jewish custom.

As per modern observation, the ceremony of Bar Mitzvah in Israel celebrations requires much more preparation and participation. The Boy will work with a Rabbi or/and Cantor for months/years to study the events and his role in the service varies with different Jewish movements. Planning a good party with entertainment and lots of fun is also good gift for a bar mitzvah boy to celebrate. You can find many bar mitzvah party organizers or event organizers in Israel that arrange a special party for a bar mitzvah boy, your family and guest members with a perfect theme and all necessary things. The party or event managers can help you in your private bar mitzvah party with all special lifetime’s memories for him. They arrange theme party with decoration, sitting arrangement, eating arrangement (as per your choice), music, speeches, poems, riddles, games, entertainment and lots of party activities. You can tell them your ideas, planning, themes or any other suggestions about the party and they can help you to fulfill all your wishes.

The bar mitzvah happens only once in a person’s life so it is the best opportunity for relatives and friends to choose a meaningful bar mitzvah gift according to the needs and background of the bar mitzvah boy. Select and give a special gift that will last lifetime. An etrog box can be the fantastic gift if the boy is the part of orthodox Jewish community and attends synagogue on all holidays. You can choose the creative artwork and Judaica with Jerusalem themes as it can be great choice and he will remind always. You can choose the “kosher” menorah that takes candles in a row and at same height. A bar mitzvah boy is eligible to take blessings before and after the Torah reading and he needs the tallit (prayer shawl) and kippa (skullcap) to wear. So you can choose the tallit or kippa or both as special gift for him as today you can find many styles and colours in it. The tallitot are also available with colour combination and matching kippot to complete a look.

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