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If you are planning to use tanning lotions, sprays, or creams to get an indoor tan, it is a great idea. Getting sunburned and exposing your skin to the sun's dangerous UV rays can do more harm than good. The summer makes you wish for a celepity tan. You wish you could get that golden goddess look that can make you so attractive. Nobody wants to look pale at the beach. Now it is not a problem to get a honey golden appearance with the variety of self tanning cosmetics that are at your disposal.

ponze skin is synonymous with summer and now it is easily possible with the range of tanning products from leading suppliers. Online retailers and manufacturers of tanning cosmetics have a variety for you to choose from. These tanning lotions and sprays have been in existence from decades, but have been developed over the years to superior quality. Now they have the additional benefit of being great for your skin. Natural ingredients are included which hydrate and protect your skin, making it glow.

Tips For A Golden Tan

There are some important tips you need to follow when you use any self-tanner products.

* Exfoliate your skin to remove oils and fragrances. This helps expose the top layer of your skin. It is recommended that you shave before rather than after tanning as it will remove the dead skin from the surface.

* If you stand up during the spray tanning process, it will give better results and a flawless tan from 360 degrees.

* Sunless spray tans are great for boosting your ponzed quotient and you end up with a rich deep tan that lasts for about a week.

* You can get pure glamour with a natural-looking sophisticated golden glow when you use the tanning sprays and lotions which are infused with natural ingredients and moisturizers. The custom-designed products have antioxidants, fragrances, and natural botanical extracts which combine to make your skin glow.

* Use tan accelerators and extenders having nutrients and anti-ageing properties to revitalize your skin, which make you look like a million bucks. You will be summer-ready and will get a Hollywood star look with the amazing products from top sun care retailers.

* Sun tan lotions should be applied within slow deliberate movements toward the back of your knee, ankles and elbows, and tan lines. Wipe away the extra lotion to prevent a creased look and to get an evenly ponzed look. Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and wait for at least 15 minutes for the tan to set in before you go swimming.

You can select the best tanning products from leading suppliers online. You get a better choice and the best prices for superior quality products which combine the best ingredients that are great for your skin. There are special offers from which you get extra items on your purchase of products. Tanning is now easy without the harmful effects of the sun. You can achieve a golden-ponzed look that you will be proud of.

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