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Human beings have evolved a rich and sophisticated set of processes for engaging with the world ,.when we will not have time or the expertise to unravel problems arising in newer system then Autonomic Computing gives the result of realization that unless we begin to build computing system that reduce the complexity for those who use and manage them. Autonomic computing have the ability to manage themselves and dynamically adapt to change in accordance with business policies and IT infrastructure etc and make the system secure that deliver significant value today.


"Autonomic computing is a journey. Progress has to be made in a series of evolutionary steps."

The two major factors contribute to the increase in the number of degrees of freedom

  • The different rates at which the capabilities of computing elements such as the CPU, memory disks, and networking, have historically increased.
  • The tendency to current systems to exhibit a global range in the demand for their services and the resources they employ for rendering the services.


  • To be autonomic, a system needs to "know itself".
  • Autonomic system must be configure and reconfigure itself under varying and unpredictable conditions.
  • An autonomic computing system must be an expert in self protection.
  • An autonomic system computing system cannot exist in a perfectly closed environment i.e. it must adhere to open standards.

Fundamentals Features

  • Self-configuring.
  • Self-healing.
  • Self-optimizing.
  • Self-protecting.


  • The cost of technology continues to decrease.
  • Costs are also rising dramatically. Such as in computing systems hardware and software.
  • Its needs increased in distribute data, application and system resources.

The Benefits

Autonomic computing was conceived to lessen the spiraling demands for skilled I/T resources, reduce complexity and to drive computing into a new era that may better exploit its potential to support higher order thinking and decision making.


Thus Autonomic Computing: Is the path finding-many of the solutions and lessons learned in the initial application domain will be individual? and Faces significant challenges for transfer to other application domains.

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