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When you are constructing your house, you can consider beautifying your walls with cornice and crown molding. You can also add ornate structures and carvings around it. It not only adds to the elegance of the house but also gives it an ambience of culture and art. This is, basically, Plaster of Paris which is ornamentally designed to please the eye. Most of us have admired the architecture of palaces and mansions. Now, with the development of these moldings, it is possible to imitate the decorativeness of those structures.

How To Decorate Your House

There are many structures and fixtures that enhance the aspect of your interiors. You can sculpt cornice moldings, decorative corbels and shelves, window and door casings, ceiling medallions and tapered or non-tapered polyurethane fiberglass columns, balustrades, mantle-pieces domes, statues, emblems, and arches. You can have these structures done yourself or with the help of a professional, for example, a contractor. Without having to tradeoff either safety or fashion, these columns ensure that the interiors of your house are sturdy as well as esthetic.

Considerations When Choosing Crown Molding:

* Choose appropriate molding based on the size of the room and height of the ceilings. The craftsmanship should not appear jarring on the walls. You must think carefully and envision clearly before having it carved on your walls.

* Decide on what sort of material you want your molding made of. It normally comes in polyurethane or fiberglass or PVC. Polyurethane ensures that structures are sturdy and yet easy to work with. They are not affected by moist and humid climates. You can paint them to include a dash of color in the room.

* You can do up the kitchen, hall, dining room, foyer, conservatory, or bedroom. Have a vivid idea of the sort of decorations you would like in each room to ensure it is unique, apt, and distinguishable. The configurations of moldings are likely to differ in each room.

* Ensure that the measurements of the ceiling and wall joints are taken accurately before you fix the crown molding.

* You can select wooden molding as well, but take care not to darken the room too much. Ensure that the room is airy and welcomes sunlight.


* One of the most appealing aspects of crown molding is that it makes a statement of your sophistication but with subtlety. You cannot miss the artwork and yet it is not presumptuous or garish.

* The lesser known fact about crown molding is that it can hide any ugly blotch marks or damage to the wall.

* Your old house gains a new and ornate appearance that will push up the value of your property.

* These moldings can straighten crooked room structures or make unevenly dimensioned rooms appear proportionate.

Types Of Material Best Suited For Molding

Ash, poplar, cherry, maple, oak, and mahogany are some of the hardwoods suitable for molding. Polyurethane, flexible molding, plaster, and Medium Density Fiber (MDF) are some other materials that may be used.

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