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In today's world, at some point of time, everyone of us suffers from stress and overburden. Here is my survival list from overstress.

1. Be Positive in Life for Stressful Situations

We can not avoid stressful situations. So, be positive towards them. And also, each one of us cannot be great and do great things; we can do small things greatly and become stressfree.

2. Remember: Smoking induces stress

Although adult smokers maintain that smoking helps them concentratebut research shows contrary to their belief, it actually heightenstension, irritability, depression and smokers are actually morestressed than non-smokers. In addition the other consequences ofsmoking can be - bad skin (rashes), bad breath, bad smelling clothes,reduction in athletic performance, greater risk of Injuries and slowhealing. Also AVOID PASSIVE SMOKING.

3. Practice Yogic Techniques

The benefits of Yoga Posters (Asana), Breathing (Pranayama) andMeditation (Dhyana) are immense; it releases muscular tension andenhances co-ordination between mind and body, thus ensuring an overallfeeling of well being. Sit straight and comfortably on your seat andtry deep breathing exercise for good relaxation.

4. Laughter is 'really' The Best Medicine

Laughter lowers blood pressure and reduces hypertension. “Laugh and even the birds laugh with you, Laughter is Prayer. If you can laugh, you have learnt how to pray. Don’t be serious. Only a Person, who can laugh, not only at others but at himself also, can be Religious.”- Osho Rajneesh. It helps to kill Stress. For every 10 minutes you are stressed, you loose 600 seconds of happiness.

5. Create the Attitude of "Forgive and Forget"

As Martin Luther King rightly said - Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude. The relationship between the two is: Forgiving is allowing another person to be human for faults, mistakes, or misdeeds. Forgetting is putting these behind you; they are no longer brought up and no longer remain a barrier to your relationship. Try to change yourself before you change others because you cannot change everyone.

6. Be Kind and Gentle with Yourself

Be your best friend. Work smart, get adequate sleep to maintain your energy levels. Occasionally, pamper yourself with a treat, week-ends off, experimenting with food and clothes. Keep a check on your weight. Excess weight increases the stress on our body, making it more prone to certain chronic diseases like obesity, fat, high blood pressure and cardiac disorder.

7. Learn to Love What You do for Your Living

Be proud of what you do for your living. Never lose your selfrespect because he, who cannot respect his work, cannot expect othersto respect him. Maintain a healthy balance in your personal andprofessional life.

8. Utilise Time Effectively

Set your goals to conquer stress. Maintain a "to-do-list" and a "planner" to avoid missing deadlines. Let me tell you the story about four people named - Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it but Nobody realised that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

9. Develop Self-Confidence

Confidence gives you courage and extends your reach. It lets you take greater risks and achieve far more than you ever thought is possible. Self-confidence plays an important role in reducing stress and achieving success. Never let criticism bother you but let it help you to improve your tomorrow.

10. Identify When You are Burn-Out

Burn-out reduces productivity and also saps your energy. Take small breaks during long spell of work and engage your mind off stress by developing some hobbies, calling some old friends, surfing internet, listening to music, humorous tape or radio station you really enjoy.


Follow these steps and tell me my friend if you are not relaxed. You will feel a lot lighter and happier than ever. Do and believe it for yourself.

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