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Addison House is the best known furniture company in the industry. It was established in 1984 and since then providing all of its customers with due efficient quality and service. For over last 25 years we are serving you with consistent best quality at a reasonable price. Perfect furniture adds the needed essence to your life. The quality, style and layout of furniture, how you add those to your rooms reflects the person who you are and what your choice is. In present day, modern furniture, that are made in accordance and demand of your rooms and themes are of major importance. Now a days, several fraudulent and low quality serving furniture companies are present, who would provide you low grade and non branded furniture. Be aware and buy only authentic furniture from us.

Furniture are now not only a matter of simple need, it is also a reflection of quality, art, design and modern shapes. Now a days, furniture is preferred more with abstract and curved shapes rather than geometric stereo type shapes. Multiple use furniture that takes less space, leaving greater floor surface free, defines largeness and uncluttered outlook. We serve you furniture of several types, brands, designs, specified utility for your kid’s room, kitchen and office, business meeting rooms, bed rooms, living rooms, dining rooms and more. Among the latest contemporary furniture, we have Environment furniture which are made out of sustainably harvested woods specially hardwoods. All these nature friendly furniture add a touch of nature along with the soberness which you were looking for a long time. Buy the best quality Environment furniture from us to make your rooms, either official or personal, the best contemporary and trendy looks at the same time. Furniture made out of leather offers a touch of simplicity and elegance in together. Buy the best quality and most reasonable American leather furniture from us and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Buy attractive and ethnic American leather furniture from us and experience the great quality. Our best quality merged with unique designs indeed offer a sign of glory, lust and fashion to your rooms.

Our largest collection of contemporary furniture Miami includes abstract shapes and curves rather than geometric squares and rectangles along with uncluttered spaces producing clear and specific appeal. The modern craftsmanship combined with efficient designs, offers you with the best and most attractive furniture at a cheap rate. Our efficient employees have been working hard to let you get dream furniture with the best latest designs, affordable prices and new unique glimpse. Get the best Cattelan Italia furniture from us to give a discriminating designer flair to your rooms easily. Italian furniture, especially Cattelan Italia furniture helps you to get the best sleek and unique designs that never let you get into monotony and stereo type structures anymore. You can write about your views, opinions and suggestions to us in our website.

So, do not wait further, order us today the favourite furniture of yours and we would surely deliver you those. Most of our displayed items are present in our warehouses, which lets us to deliver you as fast as the order is placed. Our efficient designers and architects are continuously working hard to enhance and incorporate designs and trends in modern contemporary furniture, to offer you with our best.

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Addison House brings to you the best quality American leather and Cattelan Italia furniture. Get Environment furniture of different brands from us.


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