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ERP systems are becoming more and more popular among the business owners and entrepreneurs because managing and controlling business activities becomes a lot easier, more efficient and also more profitable. Even though the benefits of implementing an ERP system are huge for the organization, as long as the implementation is not done correctly, the results can be far from the desired ones. This is where an ERP consultant comes in. Consultant role is to ensure the implementation of an ERP system in the company and to make sure that this system is going to be used in a proper way that will lead to achieving the goals for which it was implemented in the first place. Sometimes the ERP consultant is also the one that is going to train the employees in order for them to be able to use the system and to understand why this is beneficial for them and for the company.

The ERP consultant is supposed to come up with efficient work procedures for implementing the system, to offer adequate training, to solve any business problems that might occur in the implementation process and to assist reporting process. In order to be able to implement ERP system successfully, an ERP consultant needs to carefully study and analyze the current business processes in the organization and to provide comprehensive reports on the changes that need to be made and on how to integrate the existing ones.

An ERP consultant role also includes the fact that he or she is responsible for selecting the best ERP solution on the market for the company. This is done taking into consideration the analysis mentioned above because only after finding out the business needs of a company, one can determine which the most appropriate solution for covering these needs is. An ERP consultant is also going to configure and install ERP software in the entire organization and, in order to provide efficient training for the employees, he or she needs to determine their actual level of competence. Sometimes the hardest part of an ERP consultant role is to convince the employees about the benefits of using ERP software.

In order to do the job properly, enterprise resource planning consultant needs to be qualified and it is also best to have prior experience in a field that is considered relevant, like IT, marketing, sales, logistics, human resources management or computer programming. Previous experience as an employee in an ERP consultancy firm or in other company with a good ERP system is also welcomed.

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